Urgent need to address Eskom transmission to deal with load shedding

South Africa’s Electricity Minister Takes Urgent Action

  • Load Shedding’s Economic Impact: South Africa’s Electricity Minister, Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, has acknowledged that load shedding is a significant economic problem, causing severe disruptions to various sectors, including agriculture and manufacturing. The South African Reserve Bank’s modeling suggests that load shedding could potentially contract the country’s economy.
  • Transmission Financing Seminar: Minister Ramokgopa hosted a crucial seminar in collaboration with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to discuss financing for South Africa’s Transmission Development Plan. This plan aims to bolster the nation’s energy mix and electricity supply. The seminar brought together government officials, energy industry experts, and potential private sector investors to address the ongoing energy crisis.
  • Structural Challenges and Collaborative Efforts: The Minister highlighted structural constraints at Eskom, primarily the energy deficit and logistical issues. He emphasized the urgency of addressing transmission challenges with the same vigor as generation capacity. Dr. Ramokgopa called for a united effort from all stakeholders to resolve the load shedding issue and outlined plans for regular updates on progress and efforts to address distribution challenges. The ultimate goal is to ensure long-term energy security and sovereignty for South Africa.

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