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YouTube Leads U.S. Streaming Market as Nielsen Report Reveals Surging TV Viewing

  • YouTube leads U.S. streaming with 8.6% TV viewing, surpassing Netflix. Gen Z prefers user-generated content, driving YouTube's dominance.
  • Creators see a surge in TV watch time, with top YouTubers experiencing over 400% increase. HopeScope noted 172% rise in 2023.
  • TikTok challenges YouTube on mobile with longer video tests and spatial reality expansion, while YouTube achieves significant milestones.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

In the latest Nielsen report on viewing habits, YouTube has once again emerged as the top streaming service in the United States, solidifying its position with 8.6% of television screen viewing. This marks the 12th consecutive month of YouTube’s reign in the top spot, surpassing competitors like Netflix, which secured 7.9% of TV usage.

Preference for User-Generated Content

The data underscores a notable preference among U.S. consumers, particularly Gen Z viewers, for user-generated content over traditional TV shows. With 61% of Gen Z expressing a preference for user-generated content, YouTube’s success on television screens signals a broader trend in the streaming arena.

Creators Benefit from Increased TV Watch Time

As viewers increasingly turn to YouTube for entertainment on their television screens, creators are witnessing a surge in watch time. According to YouTube, the number of top YouTubers receiving the most watch time on TVs has skyrocketed by more than 400%. Notably, creators like HopeScope, known for reviewing viral products, saw a remarkable 172% jump in TV watch time in 2023.

Competition Intensifies with TikTok

While YouTube maintains its stronghold on television screens, TikTok continues to dominate on mobile devices. Recent developments, such as TikTok’s testing of longer video formats and expansion into spatial reality through apps like Apple Vision Pro, pose potential challenges to YouTube’s market share.

PlatformKey Metrics
YouTube8.6% of TV screen viewing, 1 billion daily hours on TVs, over 70 billion daily views for YouTube Shorts, 100 million paying users for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, over 8 million subscribers for YouTube TV.
Netflix7.9% of TV usage.
TikTokExperimenting with longer video formats, expansion into spatial reality through Apple Vision Pro. 112 minutes daily global average for children ages 4 through 18.

YouTube’s Milestones

Despite growing competition, YouTube has achieved significant milestones in recent months. With over 100 million paying users for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, and more than 8 million subscribers for YouTube TV, the platform continues to demonstrate its relevance and adaptability in the evolving streaming landscape.


As YouTube maintains its dominance in the U.S. streaming market, the latest Nielsen report highlights the platform’s resilience and appeal, particularly among viewers opting for user-generated content on television screens. However, with TikTok’s innovative features and expanding reach, the competition between the two platforms is expected to intensify in the coming months, shaping the future of streaming consumption patterns.


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