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X Introduces Video Feature to Spaces: Hosts Can Now Turn On Cameras

  • Video Integration: X Spaces now supports video, allowing hosts to engage in audio and video interactions with participants.
  • Interactive Environment: Participants can engage with hosts and each other in real-time during live chat sessions.
  • Performance Concerns: Some users report significant lag issues while testing the new video feature on the iOS app.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

In a significant update, X has unveiled a new feature for its Spaces platform, allowing hosts to incorporate video into their live chat sessions. This development marks a departure from the platform’s previous audio-only format, providing users with enhanced engagement opportunities. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting announcement.

Enabling Video in Spaces

Upon creating a new Spaces session, hosts now have the option to activate video functionality. This feature, currently exclusive to the iOS version of the X app, enables hosts to choose between their device’s front or back-facing cameras. Additionally, hosts can select their preferred video orientation, opting for either landscape or vertical views.

Video ActivationHosts can enable video functionality when creating a new Spaces session.
Camera SelectionChoice between front or back-facing cameras is available.
Orientation PreferenceHosts can opt for landscape or vertical orientation for their video feed.

Availability and Performance

While the video feature is accessible to iOS users, it has yet to be introduced on Android or web versions of the X app. Reports have emerged indicating instances of significant lag during initial usage, suggesting potential performance optimization requirements.

Comparison with Periscope and Twitch

While the introduction of video to Spaces may evoke memories of Periscope, X distinguishes itself by focusing on live chat rather than traditional live broadcasting. The host-centric nature of the feature, coupled with interactive elements reminiscent of platforms like Twitch, creates a dynamic environment for participants.

Interactive Environment

In a typical Spaces session with video enabled, the host’s video feed takes center stage, surrounded by smaller icons representing other speakers, co-hosts, or listeners. This setup encourages active participation from attendees, resembling the engagement dynamics found in live streaming communities.

Differentiation from Live Broadcasts

It’s essential to note that X Spaces with video remains separate from the platform’s existing live broadcast feature. While live broadcasts primarily facilitate one-way streaming with limited interaction, Spaces fosters real-time dialogue among participants.

Future Prospects

As X continues to refine and expand its Spaces platform, further enhancements and optimizations are expected. The integration of video represents a significant step towards creating a more immersive and interactive user experience.

The introduction of video capabilities to X Spaces signifies a notable evolution in the platform’s functionality. By empowering hosts to incorporate video into their live chat sessions, X is poised to redefine the landscape of social audio engagement.


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