India Approves $15.2 Billion Investment in Semiconductor Industry

  • India allocates $15.2 billion for semiconductor plants to compete with China and Taiwan in chip production.
  • The country's first semiconductor fab facility, set up by Tata Group and Power Chip, aims for general-purpose applications.
  • Alongside the fab, two more units are planned, including an assembly unit in Assam and a specialized chip facility.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

In a strategic move to bolster its semiconductor industry and challenge global leaders, India has greenlit a substantial investment of 1.26 trillion Indian rupees, equivalent to approximately 15.2 billion USD, to establish three new semiconductor plants. This initiative marks a significant step in India’s quest to compete with powerhouse nations like China and Taiwan in the semiconductor sector.

Diving into Semiconductor Advancements

While artificial intelligence (AI) chips have been dominating industry discussions, India’s latest semiconductor ventures are focusing on more general-purpose applications. These applications encompass a wide array of sectors, including high-power computers, electric vehicles, telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, and mobile phones.

Key Projects and Partnerships

One of the flagship ventures in this initiative is the establishment of India’s maiden semiconductor fab facility, a collaborative effort between Tata Group and Taiwan’s Power Chip. Set to be located in the Dholera region of Gujarat, this fab facility aims to produce 3 billion chips annually across various market segments. Additionally, a semiconductor assembly, testing, marking, and packaging unit is slated for setup in the northeastern state of Assam, catering to diverse sectors such as automotive, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and telecom.

FacilityLocationCapacityAnnual ProductionTarget Market Segments
Semiconductor Fab FacilityDholera, Gujarat50,000 wafers per month3 billion chipsHigh-power computers, electric vehicles, telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, mobile phones
Semiconductor Assembly UnitAssamN/A48 million chips per dayAutomotive, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, telecom

Furthermore, specialized chip manufacturing will commence in Sanand, Gujarat, through collaboration between Renesas Electronics, Stars Microelectronics, and CG Power. These chips will cater to niche sectors such as defense, space, electric vehicles, and high-speed trains.

Government Incentives and Employment Opportunities

India’s semiconductor push is backed by substantial government incentives, with a focus on attracting foreign semiconductor manufacturers. Notably, the government plans to design its semiconductor program with a long-term perspective, spanning 20 years. The initiative is also expected to generate significant employment opportunities, with 20,000 direct advanced technology jobs and around 60,000 indirect jobs anticipated to be created.

Future Prospects

India’s semiconductor ambitions extend beyond the current initiatives, with plans for further developments in the near future. The country’s burgeoning pool of approximately 300,000 design engineers, actively involved in chip design for global companies, underscores its readiness to navigate the complex semiconductor landscape.

India’s multi-billion-dollar investment in the semiconductor industry underscores its determination to carve a niche in the global semiconductor market. With strategic partnerships, government support, and long-term vision, India aims to position itself as a formidable contender in this crucial technological domain.


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