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2023-12-07 8:02 AM

South Africa’s Visa Backlog Woes Extend, Stoking Concerns

  • Persistent Visa Backlog: South Africa grapples with a substantial backlog of both temporary residency visas (over 74,309) and permanent residency permits (43,944), causing significant delays in processing applications.
  • Impact on Businesses and Economy: The prolonged processing times, averaging up to 48 weeks for visa applications, hinder business expansion, investment, and job creation efforts in a country facing a 33% unemployment rate. Companies struggle to attract necessary skills due to these delays.
  • Extended Timeline for Resolution: Initially projected to clear the backlog by June 2024, the Department of Home Affairs has extended the timeline by an additional five months, now aiming to resolve the visa backlog by November 2024, intensifying concerns among stakeholders reliant on efficient visa processing.
By Miriam Matoma

Amid mounting concerns over South Africa’s persistent visa and permit application backlog, the Department of Home Affairs has extended its timeline for clearing this backlog, causing further apprehension and uncertainty among stakeholders. Initially projected to resolve the backlog by June 2024, Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s recent announcement in a parliamentary session revealed a delay of an additional five months, pushing the anticipated resolution to November 2024.

The parliamentary Q&A session shed light on the pressing issue of pending residency visas and permits, prompting inquiries regarding the timeline for addressing the mounting backlog. Minister Motsoaledi acknowledged the staggering figures, indicating that the backlog for temporary residency visas remains alarmingly high, stagnating at over 74,309, consistent with the department’s prior report in October 2023. Furthermore, an additional backlog of 43,944 permanent residency permits exacerbates the predicament.

The protracted backlog not only underscores South Africa’s enduring skills shortage but also poses a severe impediment to businesses endeavoring to attract and retain crucial talent. Reports from various companies highlight the prolonged duration of visa application processing, averaging up to 48 weeks. Such protracted timelines jeopardize expansion plans, deter investments, and curtail job creation efforts in a nation grappling with a staggering 33% unemployment rate.

Moreover, immigration experts, including entities like Xpatweb, have noted a concerning uptick in visa application rejections, often on dubious grounds. Consequently, applicants are compelled to navigate an appeals process, further inundating the Department of Home Affairs with a backlog of appeals and exacerbating existing delays.

Responding to the gravity of these challenges, Minister Motsoaledi reiterated the department’s commitment to clearing the backlog, citing the “backlog eradication plan.” This strategy involves segregating the temporary residence visa team to concurrently process older 2022 applications alongside current 2023 applications, mirroring a similar approach for Permanent Residence Permits.

Motsoaledi highlighted the plan’s reliance on existing Immigration Branch capacity, bolstered by additional officials from various branches, including those from provinces and returning staff from Foreign Missions upon completing their four-year deployments. Exploring supplementary options to augment resources and capacity remains under consideration to fortify the backlog eradication plan.

However, despite these strategic interventions, the extension of the resolution timeline to November 2024 intensifies concerns among stakeholders reliant on efficient visa processing. The prolonged wait times continue to impede economic growth, exacerbate talent acquisition challenges, and stifle investment prospects in South Africa.

The persistent visa backlog issue persists as a significant hurdle, warranting concerted efforts and efficient strategies from the Department of Home Affairs to expedite processing and mitigate the adverse repercussions on the country’s economic landscape. Stakeholders eagerly await tangible progress and swift action to alleviate the backlog impasse and foster a more conducive environment for economic development and talent retention in South Africa.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam