South Africa Unveils Bold Plan to Clear Visa Backlog

  • Visa Backlog Crisis: South Africa faces a critical backlog of over 70,000 visa applications, causing significant concerns across sectors and impeding efforts to attract essential skills.
  • Eradication Plan: Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi outlines a comprehensive plan to clear the backlog by June 2024, involving specialized teams, leveraging existing resources, and reviewing procedures for efficiency.
  • Applicant Responsibility: Motsoaledi emphasizes the importance of applicants following provided checklists to ensure complete documentation, addressing issues contributing to visa rejections and further delays.
Clear Visa Backlog

In a bid to address the growing concerns surrounding the extensive visa backlog, South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, has unveiled a comprehensive plan to expedite the processing of visa applications. The backlog, which currently stands at over 70,000 applications, has raised alarms across various sectors, hindering business expansion and exacerbating the country’s skills shortage crisis.

The lengthy processing times, with some visa applications taking up to 48 weeks for approval, have been a significant barrier for businesses seeking to attract essential skills to South Africa. This bureaucratic hurdle has not only impeded investment and expansion plans but has also contributed to the country’s staggering unemployment rate, currently at 33%.

Motsoaledi acknowledges the urgency of the situation and, in response to mounting pressure, presented the department’s strategy during a parliamentary Q&A session. He emphasized the implementation of weekly management meetings to closely monitor turnaround times and performance in clearing the backlog.

The centerpiece of the Home Affairs Department’s initiative is the development of a comprehensive “backlog eradication plan.” This ambitious strategy aims to clear the backlog by June 2024, encompassing various visa categories, including Temporary Residency Visas and Permanent Residence Permits.

Motsoaledi explained that the plan involves prioritizing older Temporary Residency Visa applications from 2022 concurrently with the current applications of 2023. To expedite the process, the department intends to split the temporary residence visa team into two specialized units. A similar approach is being taken for Permanent Residence Permits.

Furthermore, the plan includes leveraging existing capacity within the Immigration Branch, supported by additional officials from other branches and provinces. Motsoaledi highlighted the involvement of officials who have returned from Foreign Missions after completing their four-year deployment term, adding valuable resources to tackle the backlog.

In the pursuit of efficiency, the department is exploring options to supplement existing capacity and resources. Motsoaledi mentioned that a review of immigration permitting delegations and Standard Operating Procedures is underway, indicating a commitment to optimizing processes for quicker and more effective visa adjudication.

Motsoaledi addressed concerns raised by immigration specialists, such as Xpatweb, regarding an increasing number of visa rejections for unlawful reasons. He acknowledged that incomplete or missing documentation often leads to rejections, emphasizing the department’s inability to assist applicants once an application has been received at the adjudication hub.

To mitigate these challenges, Motsoaledi stressed the importance of applicants utilizing a checklist provided at the time of application. This tool is designed to guide and assist applicants in submitting all necessary documents, reducing the likelihood of rejection due to incomplete paperwork.

The Home Affairs Minister’s announcement signifies a concerted effort to alleviate the burdens imposed by the visa backlog on businesses, the economy, and individuals seeking opportunities in South Africa. As the department implements these measures and monitors progress, stakeholders will be eagerly awaiting positive outcomes, hoping for a streamlined and efficient visa application process in the near future.



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