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KZN Urged to Conserve Water as Dam Levels Stabilize

  • KwaZulu-Natal's overall dam storage capacity remains stable at 89.3%, indicating a consistent water supply across the province.
  • Despite stable dam levels, certain communities still face water challenges, prompting the Department of Water and Sanitation to urge residents to use water sparingly.
  • The article highlights specific dam levels and fluctuations, emphasizing the need for continued water conservation efforts to ensure sustainable water management in KwaZulu-Natal.
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Miriam Matoma

As KwaZulu-Natal experiences consistent dam storage levels, the Department of Water and Sanitation emphasizes the necessity for residents to use water sparingly to address ongoing challenges in certain communities.

With an overall provincial dam storage capacity maintaining at 89.3%, the Department underscores the importance of prudent water usage, especially amidst the collaboration with municipalities and Umgeni-uThukela Water to facilitate bulk water projects, ensuring reliable access and distribution of water resources.

While significant efforts are underway to alleviate water scarcity, Wisane Mavasa, the Departmental spokesperson, stresses the crucial role of residents and businesses in conserving water resources.

The Umgeni Water Supply System, servicing five key dams in the province, currently stands at full capacity, signaling stability in water provision. Notably, Midmar, Nagle, and Albert-Falls dams are reported at 100% capacity, indicating robust water levels. However, Hazelmere Dam records a slight decrease from 82.8% to 81.9%, urging continued vigilance in water usage.

Inanda Dam, a vital water source, registers a minor decline from 102.2% to 101.6%, emphasizing the need for sustainable water management practices. Craigie Burn Dam observes a marginal decrease from 100.3% to 99.7%, while Zaaihoek Dam maintains its water level at 90.6%, primarily servicing industrial and municipal needs.

Wagendrift Dam shows a slight decrease from 101.1% to 100.6%, highlighting the dynamic nature of water levels. Similarly, Ntshingwayo Dam records a decrease from 77.9% to 77.3%, emphasizing the importance of continued water conservation efforts.

Pongolapoort Dam experiences a modest increase from 81.4% to 81.6%, indicating relative stability in water levels. Meanwhile, Spioenkop Dam maintains its levels at 100.1%, reflecting the balanced state of water resources.

Additional dam levels across the province depict varying trends, with some experiencing minor fluctuations. Mearns Dam shows a decrease from 101.8% to 100.6%, underscoring the need for sustained water conservation efforts. Conversely, Woodstock Dam records a slight increase from 94.2% to 94.9%, signaling positive developments in water management.

Hluhluwe Dam observes a minor increase from 100.1% to 100.4%, indicative of stable water conditions. Goedertrouw Dam records a slight decrease from 99.9% to 99.7%, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance in water usage.

Bivane Dam maintains its levels at 101.3%, demonstrating resilience in water management practices. Klipfontein Dam experiences a slight decrease from 100.8% to 100.0%, highlighting the need for ongoing conservation efforts.

Spring Grove Dam records a minor increase from 97.3% to 97.9%, showcasing positive developments in water conservation initiatives.

Amidst stable dam levels, KwaZulu-Natal residents are urged to remain vigilant in conserving water resources, ensuring sustainability for future generations. Collaborative efforts between authorities and communities remain paramount in addressing water challenges and fostering responsible water usage across the province.


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Miriam Matoma

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