KwaZulu-Natal Gov’t Bolsters Border Security to Combat Crime

  • Enhanced Border Security Initiative: The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government is intensifying efforts to fortify the South Africa-Mozambique border, primarily targeting vehicle theft and illicit goods smuggling.
  • Progress on Jersey Barrier Walls: Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube conducted an oversight visit to assess the construction progress of jersey barrier walls along the border, noting significant advancements, especially at hotspots like Gate 6.
  • Collaborative Crime-Fighting Approach: The government is actively collaborating with various stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, traditional leaders, and international partners, to combat criminal syndicates operating in border communities. This multifaceted approach aims to disrupt criminal activities and ensure the safety and security of border residents.
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Miriam Matoma

The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government has intensified efforts to enhance border security along the South Africa-Mozambique border, targeting the rampant theft of vehicles and smuggling of illicit goods. This move comes as part of a broader strategy to address criminal activities plaguing the region.

Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube spearheaded an oversight visit to the border area in Manguzi, Umkhanyakude District Municipality, as part of Operation Siyahlola. The focus was to assess progress on the construction of jersey barrier walls, a critical initiative initiated in 2018 to combat crime in the region.

The project, spanning approximately 25 kilometers of the vulnerable border, is strategically designed to impede the easy passage of stolen vehicles and illicit goods. Divided into three phases, the endeavor aims to fortify the border line and enhance security measures.

During the recent site inspection, Premier Dube-Ncube expressed satisfaction with the progress made in the construction, particularly highlighting advancements in the phase targeting Gate 6, a notorious hotspot for criminal activities along the border.

“The concrete slab foundation for this phase has been successfully laid, indicating significant progress. We have urged the Department of Transport to expedite the construction process,” remarked Premier Dube-Ncube during the inspection.

Accompanied by Umkhanyakude District Municipality Mayor Siphile Mdaka, law enforcement officials, and senior government representatives, Premier Dube-Ncube reiterated the provincial government’s commitment to collaborating with stakeholders to combat criminal syndicates operating in border communities.

“As outlined in the State of the Province Address, we are actively engaging diplomatic channels to coordinate comprehensive efforts against cross-border crime. Our partnership with the Border Management Authority, SAPS Specialized KZN Stabilising Team, traditional leaders, and other stakeholders underscores our resolve to tackle criminality,” emphasized Premier Dube-Ncube.

The Premier highlighted early successes resulting from these interventions, citing the arrest of several high-profile criminals and the disruption of criminal operations. “Several incidents have been reported where vehicles were found abandoned, stuck on jersey barriers, thwarting syndicates’ attempts to transport them across the border,” added Premier Dube-Ncube.

The heightened security measures not only aim to curb criminal activities but also to safeguard the well-being of communities residing along the border. By bolstering border security, the government seeks to instill a sense of safety and stability in the region.

In addition to physical barriers, the provincial government is implementing multifaceted strategies to combat crime effectively. This includes leveraging technology, enhancing law enforcement capacity, and fostering international cooperation to address transnational criminal networks.

The concerted efforts reflect a proactive approach by the KwaZulu-Natal government to tackle the root causes of crime and uphold the rule of law. By prioritizing border security, the government aims to create an environment conducive to economic development and social prosperity in the region.

As construction progresses on the jersey barrier walls, stakeholders remain vigilant, recognizing the importance of sustained efforts in safeguarding the border and protecting the interests of South Africans.

In conclusion, the KwaZulu-Natal government’s initiative to accelerate border security measures underscores its unwavering commitment to combatting crime and ensuring the safety of communities along the South Africa-Mozambique border. Through collaborative efforts and decisive action, the government aims to fortify the border, disrupt criminal activities, and promote peace and prosperity in the region.


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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam