OUTsurance Pet Insurance Review 2023

The OUTsurance Pet insurance policy provides coverage starting at R11,000.00 and covers illness and accidents for pets. The maximum annual cover limit for OUTsurance is R65,000.00.

There are several pet cover options available with OUTsurance pet insurance, and each has a significant impact on the cover amount. Individuals can choose from the following pet insurance options for their pets:

Pet Insurance Options

Accidental Pet Insurance Cover

The OUTsurance accidental Pet insurance cover provides coverage for injuries caused by an accident. The plan has an overall annual limit of R16,000.00 and does not cover critical illness or vet visits.

Under the plan, the accidental cover has a claim limit of R9,500.00 and requires an excess payment. Pre-existing conditions related to accidental injuries are covered, but there is a 12-month waiting period.

Core Pet Insurance Cover

The basic pet insurance covers accidental injury and critical illnesses. The plan’s total annual claim limit is R44,000.00.

Accidental injuries are covered up to R35,000.00. When filing a claim, the plan requires a fixed excess amount.

Critical illness is covered, with a claim limit of R31,000.00. When filing a claim, there is a 60-day waiting period and an excess fee.

Standard Pet Insurance Cover

Standard pet insurance includes more benefits than the accidental and core plans. The annual cover limit for the policy is R44,000.00.

The plan covers accidental injuries and has an annual limit of R35,000.00. When filing a claim for accidental injury, OUTsurance will charge an excess fee.

Vet visits are also covered by the plan, with an annual limit of R4,400.00. There is a 30-day waiting period for vet visits, and no additional payment is required.

Illness Cover is also included in the insurance benefits, with a maximum cover amount of R31,000.00. Pre-existing conditions are also covered, but there is a 12-month waiting period.

Executive Pet Cover

The executive pet cover is OUTsurance’s most comprehensive pet cover, with an annual limit of R65,000.00. OUTsurance offers a discount to policyholders who cover multiple pets under this policy.

The plan covers puppy socialization classes and vet-recommended corrective behavior treatments, and individuals have an annual claim limit of R11,000.00. Vet visits are covered by the plan for an annual limit of R5,500.00.

The plan covers accidental injuries and illnesses up to an annual limit of R52,500.00 and R50,000.00, respectively. Pre-existing conditions are also covered, but there is a 12-month waiting period.

After selecting one of the cover options, the OUTsurance Pet Insurance provides additional benefits. Additional benefits are discussed in greater detail below.

OUTsurance Pet Insurance Additional Benefits


The OUTbonus benefit provides the policyholder with cashback if they remain claim-free for three consecutive years. OUTsurance pays back 10% of the premiums paid in cash.

If the policyholder remains claim-free for another two consecutive years, the plan provides a further cashback of 10%. Moreover, the policyholder gets 10% cashback for every claim-free year thereafter.

Your Choice of Vet

The benefit allows the policyholder to take their pet to any registered vet in South Africa. This won’t increase the cost of visiting a vet.

Fixed Excess

The excess amount payable by the policyholder when making a claim is fixed. The excess payment is fixed regardless of the amount of the claim.

Multiple Pet Discount

When insuring your pet with OUTsurance, the multiple pet discount provides a 5% discount on the premiums payable. The policyholder will need to insure two or more pets under the insurance product.

Pet Act Out

OUTsurance covers puppy classes at no additional cost. Those on the Executive plan also receive behavioral treatments for their pets.

Tailored Premiums

OUTsurance pet insurance does not combine premiums and treats each pet separately. The tailored premiums benefit allows you to customize the premiums you pay for a specific pet. This has the potential to lower insurance costs.

The benefits listed above are provided at no additional cost; however, the policyholder may wish to add some features to the policy. An additional premium will be required to have additional features on the policy. We will go over the optional features that the policyholder can choose below.

OUTsurance Pet Insurance Optional Benefits

Help Pet OUT

Help Pet OUT provides cover for rehabilitation treatments, advertising costs for a lost pet, and emergency kennel or cattery fees should the policyholder get hospitalized and be unable to look after a pet.

The benefit comes with a claim limit of R2,500.00 and has a maximum of 5 claims per year. There is a 90-day waiting period for the benefit.

Health Booster

This benefit is only available to those with Standard and Executive plans. The benefit covers chronic medication, prescription food, and supplements.

Health Booster has an annual claim limit of R2,650.00. A waiting period of 90 days applies after taking out the product.

Routine Care

Routine Care benefit is available to Standard and Executive plan holders. This benefit covers the cost of maintaining a pet’s health and includes vaccinations, anal gland expressions, and voluntary sterilization.

The benefit has an annual limit of R1,000.00 for the Standard plan and R1,300.00 for the Executive plan. The benefit comes with a 30-day period, and only one claim per year can be submitted.

Third-Party Liability

The Third-Party Liability benefit is only available to Standard and Executive plans and covers the amount the policyholder is legally liable to pay for damage to property, bodily injury, or death caused by an insured pet.

The product provides coverage of up to R5 million, and there is no waiting period.

Advantages of OUTsurance Pet Insurance

  • There are additional benefits that don’t require an additional premium.
  • There are different cover options to choose from.
  • Each policy is tailor-made for the specific pet covered.
  • There is a discount when covering multiple pets under the insurance product.
  • Optional add-ons are available to enhance the product.
  • Different types of pets can be covered.
  • There is cashback when you remain claim-free.

Disadvantages of OUTsurance Pet Insurance

  • Cover amount limits are fixed, so the policyholder cannot tailor their cover amount as they wish.
  • Accidental and core plans don’t have many optional add-ons to choose from.


OUTsurance Pet Insurance provides straightforward pet insurance as well as cashback when no claims are made. The product is ideal for anyone looking to insure a pet because the plan is accommodating with its various plans and a variety of add-ons to choose from.