South Africa Bolsters Tourism Safety with Additional Monitors

  • Enhanced Safety Measures: The deployment of 40 tourism monitors in Table Mountain National Park, part of a larger initiative involving 2,300 monitors across key South African tourist attractions, aims to fortify safety measures for visitors.
  • Government Commitment to Tourist Safety: The Department of Tourism's allocation of R174.5 million from this year's budget underscores a dedicated effort to prioritize the safety of tourists, emphasizing the significance of national parks and other attractions as top priorities for key source markets.
  • Elevating Tourism Experience and Economic Impact: Beyond ensuring safety, the strategic deployment of tourism monitors intends to enhance the overall tourism experience, fostering confidence among visitors and supporting South Africa's tourism sector, which plays a pivotal role in the nation's economy and local livelihoods.
Tourism monitors deployed to Table Mountain

In a significant move aimed at bolstering safety and security in South Africa’s prized tourist destinations, the Minister of Tourism, Patricia de Lille, has lauded the deployment of 40 tourism monitors to Table Mountain National Park. This proactive step is part of the Tourism Monitors Programme, an initiative by the Department of Tourism designed to fortify existing safety measures alongside the South African Police Service, ensuring a safer environment for tourists.

Speaking on the matter, the Department of Tourism emphasized its commitment by earmarking R174.5 million from this year’s budget to deploy approximately 2,300 tourism monitors across pivotal tourist hubs. This initiative seeks to elevate the safety standards for visitors exploring South Africa’s diverse attractions.

The distribution of the 2,305 tourism monitors across various regions is as follows:

  • Eastern Cape: 150
  • Free State: 150
  • Western Cape: 250
  • Gauteng: 100
  • Limpopo: 100
  • KwaZulu-Natal: 200
  • Mpumalanga: 220
  • North West: 100
  • Northern Cape: 70
  • iSimangaliso Wetland Park: 200
  • Ezemvelo Nature Reserve: 150
  • SANBI Gardens: 130
  • ACSA Airports: 135
  • SANParks: 350

Specifically, within the ambit of SANParks, a total of 350 monitors have been allocated, with 70 designated for Table Mountain National Park. As of last week, 40 monitors have already commenced their duties, with the remaining 30 to be deployed in the upcoming New Year.

Highlighting the importance of safeguarding these natural treasures, Minister Patricia de Lille expressed, “Our national parks stand as pivotal tourism attractions and remain at the forefront of our priority for key source markets. Ensuring the safety of all tourists is paramount, and we are resolute in our commitment to guaranteeing a secure and unforgettable experience for all.”

South Africa’s renowned tourist destinations, including Table Mountain National Park, hold immense appeal to both local and international visitors. This strategic initiative aims to not only ensure safety but also to elevate the overall tourism experience, contributing significantly to the country’s tourism sector.

The deployment of additional tourism monitors represents a proactive step towards addressing safety concerns, fostering confidence among tourists and bolstering South Africa’s standing as a premier travel destination.

Moreover, as South Africa’s tourism sector plays a pivotal role in the country’s economy, these measures are poised to attract more visitors, thereby supporting local businesses and communities that rely on tourism for livelihoods.

The government’s commitment to enhancing security measures at these key tourist attractions underscores a concerted effort to promote tourism growth and solidify South Africa’s reputation as a safe and alluring destination.

With a clear focus on prioritizing safety without compromising on the richness of experience, these proactive measures are poised to create a positive impact, not just for tourists but also for the local communities and the nation’s economy at large.

As South Africa forges ahead with such initiatives, the collaborative efforts between the Department of Tourism, law enforcement agencies, and local stakeholders reflect a unified commitment to fostering a safe and vibrant tourism landscape for all to explore and enjoy.



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