Deputy Minister Swarts Unveils Bold Plans to Transform Leeudoringstad

  • Youth Empowerment and Job Creation: Deputy Minister Swarts outlines a comprehensive strategy to combat unemployment by training young people in firefighting, engaging the private sector, and implementing the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). Long-term initiatives like reviving the fresh produce market and reintroducing trains are expected to provide sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Infrastructure Revamp: The government, through the District Development Model (DDM), commits to improving road infrastructure. Deputy Minister Swarts emphasizes the need for durable roads and encourages community involvement in protecting public infrastructure.
  • Education and Environmental Initiatives: Plans are in place to address overcrowded schools, including the possibility of constructing a smart school. The Deputy Minister also commends local youth for their environmental efforts, emphasizing their role in combating climate change. Collaboration between local leaders and the DDM Team is a central theme throughout the article, highlighting the importance of working together for community development.
deputy minister bernice swarts

The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Hon. Bernice Swarts, took center stage in Leeudoringstad, North West, as she led the District Development Model (DDM) Service Delivery Imbizo in the area. The visit, which occurred on September 29, 2023, was a part of Deputy Minister Swarts’ role as one of the champions of the Presidential District Development Model, aimed at addressing various community concerns and fostering development.

During the Imbizo, Deputy Minister Swarts engaged with the residents of Leeudoringstad on a multitude of issues that have been affecting the community. These issues ranged from unemployment and collapsing road infrastructure to overcrowded schools and environmental concerns.

Empowering the Youth and Creating Jobs

Addressing the pressing issue of unemployment, Deputy Minister Swarts articulated an array of strategies aimed at empowering the youth and creating more job opportunities within the area. She stated, “We are looking at packaging a plethora of interventions to address the issues that you have raised. On the issues of unemployment in the area, we are looking at a range of issues such as training young people on firefighting so that they can assist the area during fire seasons. When we talk about creating work for our people – especially our youth and women – we must look at implementing projects that can create employment at a mass scale. We will also look at engaging the private sector to assist with the creation of work for our people.”

In addition to firefighting training, Deputy Minister Swarts highlighted the importance of implementing the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) as a means of creating sustainable employment opportunities in the area. Furthermore, she unveiled a long-term plan to resuscitate the local fresh produce market and reintroduce trains to the region, initiatives expected to generate jobs in the long term.

Revamping Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future

To address the issue of collapsing road infrastructure, Deputy Minister Swarts emphasized the government’s commitment to revisiting road construction models. “We must construct roads that will remain strong and stable for a long time. We are also looking at rolling out paved roads for a longer life span. These kinds of roads will also assist with the creation of work opportunities for the residents,” she said.

She also appealed to the residents to actively participate in protecting and maintaining the public infrastructure implemented by the government, highlighting the importance of shared responsibility in fostering community development.

Education and Environmental Initiatives

Deputy Minister Swarts acknowledged concerns about overcrowded schools in the area and promised to engage with local schools to find solutions, including the possibility of constructing a smart school to accommodate the growing student population. She underlined the commitment of the DDM Team to addressing these educational challenges.

The Deputy Minister also commended the dedication of local youth who are volunteering in projects aimed at improving the municipality’s environmental cleanliness. “The greening programs that you spoke about respond to the issues of climate change. The work you are doing in this area shows that together we can respond to the issues of climate change,” Deputy Minister Swarts added.

Local Leadership and Collaboration

Deputy Minister Swarts praised the efforts of the Executive Mayor of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, Hon. Cllr Nikiwe Num, and the Executive Mayor of Maquassi Hills Local Municipality, Hon. Cllr Mzandile Feliti, for their commitment to driving development in Leeudoringstad. Both mayors welcomed Deputy Minister Swarts’ visit and the planned interventions by the DDM Team.

The Imbizo also saw the participation of local political leaders in service delivery activities, including pothole patching and litter picking, underscoring the importance of collaboration in fostering community development.

Community Appreciation

Residents expressed their gratitude to Deputy Minister Swarts for her visit and the government’s commitment to addressing their concerns. Mr. Voster Makola, one of the residents, conveyed his appreciation for the attention given to Leeudoringstad’s development.

Deputy Minister Swarts’ visit to Leeudoringstad serves as a prelude to the upcoming Presidential Imbizo scheduled to be held in the North West in October, demonstrating the government’s unwavering dedication to improving the lives of South Africans and fostering inclusive development in communities across the country.



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