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Gauteng Department Ensures Food Security Amidst Rising Concerns

  • The Gauteng Department of Social Development reassures residents of sufficient food provisions for vulnerable communities, countering concerns raised by the Democratic Alliance.
  • Collaboration with non-profit organizations facilitates the distribution of nutritious meals and food parcels to various vulnerable groups, ensuring adherence to dietary standards.
  • Initiatives such as the food expansion program and adjustments to the food parcel tender aim to promote sustainable food production and empower beneficiaries towards self-sufficiency, aligning with the department's commitment to alleviating poverty and restoring dignity.
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Miriam Matoma

The Gauteng Department of Social Development has reaffirmed its commitment to providing sufficient food for vulnerable communities across the province, dismissing recent concerns raised by the Democratic Alliance regarding food security.

Addressing the issue, MEC Hlophe emphasized that the Gauteng City Region Urban Poverty and Elimination Strategy serves as a cornerstone in the province’s efforts to combat poverty and inequality among its citizens. “An array of food security programs, extending beyond our food bank, are actively being implemented to address the needs of the poor and vulnerable,” stated Hlophe.

One significant aspect of these efforts involves non-profit organizations (NPOs) operating Community Nutrition and Development Centres (CNDCs) and drop-in centers, catering to various groups such as the elderly, HIV/AIDS patients, the homeless, and indigent individuals. These organizations provide daily nutritious meals and food parcels in accordance with approved dietary standards, ensuring that beneficiaries receive adequate support.

Furthermore, the Department of Social Development, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment, initiated a food expansion program in December 2023. This initiative aimed to establish backyard gardens and supply food to those in need, enhancing sustainable food production within communities.

Responding to claims made by the DA regarding the distribution of food bank resources, Hlophe clarified that recent adjustments to the food parcel tender specifications were made in response to rising poverty and unemployment levels. The revised tender now includes provisions for supplying seeds to beneficiaries, enabling them to cultivate their own food and develop essential skills for self-sustainability.

“This strategic shift from handouts to empowerment aligns with our goal of restoring dignity to beneficiaries,” affirmed Hlophe. By integrating seeds for planting into food assistance programs, the department seeks to address the persistent cycle of poverty experienced by many households.

Despite challenges such as limited resources and high demand, the department remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainable development. Hlophe assured that the revised tender process would be expedited to replenish food banks and continue supporting vulnerable communities.

In conclusion, the Gauteng Department of Social Development remains dedicated to ensuring food security for all residents, particularly those most in need. Through collaborative efforts with NPOs and innovative programs like the food expansion initiative, the department strives to uplift communities and create a more equitable society for all South Africans.


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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam