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Kibo Energy PLC’s Subsidiary MED Surpasses Milestones in Flexible Power Market Expansion

  • Kibo Energy PLC's subsidiary, Mast Energy Developments PLC (MED), achieves successful completion of Pyebridge project ahead of schedule.
  • MED secures multiple Capacity Market contracts, ensuring steady income and financial stability for future developments.
  • MED progresses Hindlip Lane project, receives necessary approvals, and initiates discussions for project capex funding.
Kibo Energy

Kibo Energy PLC has been actively involved in the flexible power market, focusing on renewable energy development. Recently, MED released a business update outlining significant progress in its projects, particularly at the Pyebridge and Hindlip Lane sites.

Progress at Pyebridge Site

The Pyebridge site, a 9MW flexible power generation asset, has completed its initial phase work program ahead of schedule. This accomplishment is crucial as it allows the site to meet its Satisfactory Performance Days (SPD) requirements under existing contracts.

Capacity Market Contracts

MED’s Pyebridge site has secured multiple Capacity Market contracts, ensuring a steady income stream. These contracts include agreements for the upcoming years, highlighting the company’s commitment to long-term revenue generation.

Financial Implications

The financial impact of these contracts is substantial, with expected annual gross profit margins from Capacity Market contracts totalling approximately £817,000. Additionally, revenue generation through electricity trading further enhances the site’s financial stability.

Future Plans for Pyebridge

MED intends to bid for additional Capacity Market contracts, ensuring income continuity until 2028. The company also plans to implement a minimum guaranteed gross profit margin income floor, adding further stability to its revenue streams.

Hindlip Lane Project Update

MED’s Hindlip Lane project, a 7.5MW flexible power generation venture, has received necessary approvals, including the Certificate of Lawful Commencement. This progress sets the stage for the construction phase and subsequent revenue generation.

Construction Phase and Funding

With key milestones achieved, MED is poised to enter the construction phase at various sites, including Hindlip Lane, Bordesley, and Rochdale. Securing project capex funding remains a priority, with discussions underway with potential funders.

CEO Perspective

Pieter Krügel, CEO of MED, expressed optimism regarding the company’s progress. He highlighted the successful completion of work programs, securing contracts, and plans for future developments as key drivers of MED’s growth trajectory.


Kibo Energy PLC’s subsidiary MED has demonstrated significant progress in the flexible power market. With successful project completions, contract acquisitions, and strategic plans for the future, the company is well-positioned for continued success in the renewable energy sector. MED’s achievements reflect its commitment to sustainability and financial stability, making it a noteworthy player in the evolving energy landscape.



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