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Oceana Group Forecasts Stellar Growth in EPS and HEPS, Driven by Key Market Successes

  • Oceana Group Limited anticipates significant increases in EPS and HEPS, projecting a 94% to 104% surge.
  • Key drivers of this performance include higher sales volumes at Daybrook and improved canned food sales at Lucky Star.
  • Challenges such as lower Wild Caught Seafood sales volumes highlight industry volatility and the need for adaptability.

Oceana Group Limited has recently unveiled a promising trading statement for the first half of 2024. The company, a key player in the seafood industry, is gearing up to release its financial results for the six months ending on March 31, 2024. This trading statement serves as a precursor to what investors and stakeholders can anticipate in terms of Oceana’s financial health and market position.

Robust Financial Performance Projection

Oceana’s trading statement paints a picture of robust financial performance, with expectations of substantial increases in both basic earnings per share (EPS) and basic headline earnings per share (HEPS) compared to the previous year. The projected EPS of between 573 cents and 603 cents signifies a remarkable 94% to 104% surge from the comparative period. Similarly, the expected HEPS range of 565 cents to 595 cents reflects an impressive 89% to 99% increase.

Key Drivers of Performance

The stellar performance is attributed to several key factors. One of the primary contributors is Daybrook, a subsidiary of Oceana, which experienced higher fishmeal and fish oil sales volumes. These sales were achieved at record US dollar fish oil pricing, indicating favorable market dynamics and demand for Oceana’s products. Additionally, a noteworthy boost came from Lucky Star’s improved canned food sales volumes, particularly evident in the month of March.

Illustrating the Growth

Let’s delve deeper into Oceana’s projected financial performance through a comparative analysis. The table below outlines the EPS and HEPS figures for the comparative periods, highlighting the significant growth expected in the current reporting period.

MetricComparative Period (March 2023)Projected Range (March 2024)Percentage Increase
EPS (cents)295.4573 – 60394% – 104%
HEPS (cents)299.1565 – 59589% – 99%

Challenges and Moderating Factors

Despite the overall positive outlook, Oceana acknowledges challenges that moderated its performance. Lower sales volumes in Wild Caught Seafood acted as a mitigating factor, highlighting the inherent volatility and complexities within the seafood industry. This underscores the importance of diversification and adaptability in navigating market fluctuations.

Market Insights and Outlook

Oceana’s trading statement provides valuable insights into the dynamics of the seafood market and broader economic trends. The record US dollar fish oil pricing reflects global market dynamics, including factors such as supply chain disruptions, geopolitical events, and shifting consumer preferences. These insights are crucial for investors and industry analysts in understanding market trends and making informed decisions.


Oceana Group Limited’s strong first half performance showcases its resilience and strategic positioning within the competitive seafood industry. The projected surge in EPS and HEPS underscores the company’s ability to capitalize on market opportunities and drive sustainable growth. As Oceana prepares to unveil its financial results, investors and stakeholders await further confirmation of its impressive performance and strategic initiatives.



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