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MC Mining Limited's Takeover by Goldway Capital Investment Limited | Rateweb
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MC Mining Limited’s Takeover by Goldway Capital Investment Limited

MC Mining Limited, previously known as Coal of Africa Limited, has recently been subject to a significant development – a takeover offer from Goldway Capital Investment Limited. This article delves into the financial implications and considerations surrounding this takeover bid.

Overview of the Takeover Offer

Goldway Capital Investment Limited, through an off-market takeover offer, has proposed to acquire all shares in MC Mining Limited that are not currently owned by Goldway’s associates. The offer has been declared unconditional by Goldway, with a relevant interest in 83.67% of MC Mining’s issued shares.

Offer Details

The final consideration for the offer has been determined as follows:

A$0.16 per MCM ShareZAR 1.96068 per MCM Share
GBP 0.08336 per MCM Share

Implications for Shareholders

Limited Liquidity and Delisting Concerns

Goldway has expressed intentions to progress with the delisting of MC Mining post-acquisition. This move raises concerns about the limited liquidity in MC Mining’s shares trading on the ASX, AIM, and JSE.

Recommendations from the Independent Board Committee

The Independent Board Committee (IBC) of MC Mining recommends that shareholders consider accepting the offer. The IBC highlights Goldway’s potential compulsory acquisition of remaining shares and the unlikelihood of a more favorable competing proposal.

Potential Risks for Shareholders

Minority Shareholding in an Unlisted Company

Shareholders who do not accept the offer risk becoming minority shareholders in an unlisted, illiquid company. This situation can lead to difficulties in selling their minority shareholding off-market.

Compulsory Acquisition Considerations

Goldway may exercise rights for the compulsory acquisition of all remaining MC Mining shares if it acquires a relevant interest in 91.075% or more of the shares. Shareholders should weigh the uncertainties associated with compulsory acquisition against accepting the current offer.

Analysis of Considerations

Delisting Impact on Share Value

The potential delisting of MC Mining could impact the valuation of shares. Shareholders must evaluate the long-term implications of being part of an unlisted entity.

Market Liquidity Challenges

The limited liquidity in MC Mining’s shares trading poses challenges for shareholders, especially those looking to sell their holdings in the future.

Timing of Consideration Payment

Accepting the offer provides shareholders with a quicker consideration payment compared to waiting for a compulsory acquisition transaction.


MC Mining Limited’s takeover by Goldway Capital Investment Limited presents shareholders with crucial financial decisions. While the offer provides an opportunity for liquidity and timely consideration payment, the delisting and potential compulsory acquisition raise uncertainties. Shareholders must carefully assess these factors and seek professional advice before making informed decisions regarding the offer.