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Floki Adapts to Regulation, Ensures Safe Crypto Staking Globally

  • Floki Team's Response to Regulatory Concerns: The Floki cryptocurrency project team is taking active measures to address the concerns of Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) regarding their staking program, deemed suspicious.
  • Implementation of Compliance Measures: To comply with Hong Kong regulations, the Floki team has introduced several steps, including warning notices, blocking access for Hong Kong users to their staking program, and halting their regional marketing campaigns.
  • SFC's Warning about Risks in Crypto Investments: The SFC issued a warning about the high risks and unregulated nature of virtual asset platforms offering deposit, saving, or staking services, cautioning investors against potential significant losses and lack of regulatory protection.
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The team behind the popular meme-based cryptocurrency project, Floki, has actively responded to the concerns raised by Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The SFC recently flagged the project’s staking program as a potentially suspicious investment product.

In a public statement, the Floki team emphasized their commitment to regulatory compliance, particularly in regions with ambiguous regulations regarding staking programs. They said, “We’ve taken steps to mitigate concerns in jurisdictions where the regulatory framework does not specifically cover or cater for the staking programs.” This approach is especially relevant for South African investors, reflecting a growing global trend towards stricter crypto regulation.

The SFC’s primary concern, as per their statement, centers around the high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) offered by Floki’s and TokenFi’s staking programs. To address these concerns and ensure compliance with Hong Kong’s regulations, the Floki team has implemented several measures.

These include issuing warning notices, blocking Hong Kong users from participating in their staking programs, and pausing their marketing campaigns in the region. They assured that no Hong Kong users have joined the program to date. These measures are indicative of the kind of proactive steps that could be expected in other regions, as global scrutiny on crypto projects increases.

Staking, which involves locking cryptocurrencies in a blockchain network in exchange for rewards, is at the heart of Floki’s program. The team elaborated on their Medium post how Floki’s high APY is maintained. It’s underpinned by a unique reward system using $TOKEN from their successful sister project TokenFi, market-responsive APYs, a decentralized and community-focused allocation strategy, and notably, no fundraising from venture capitalists or presales.

The SFC’s warning, issued in December 2022, highlighted the high risks and unregulated nature of virtual asset platforms offering services like deposits, saving, or staking. It emphasized the potential for significant losses and advised investors to exercise caution.

The SFC’s statement clarifies, “Whilst some [Virtual Assets] Arrangements are commonly labeled or marketed as “deposits” or “savings” products, they are not regulated and are not the same as bank deposits. Investors are not afforded any form of protection.”

This development is particularly relevant for South African investors and crypto users, as it underscores the importance of due diligence and awareness of the regulatory environment in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space. The proactive approach taken by the Floki team may serve as a model for other crypto projects facing similar regulatory challenges globally, including in South Africa.


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