Vodacom Unleashes 75% Off Black Friday Deals in South Africa

  • Vodacom has launched its Black Friday deals for 2023 in South Africa, offering up to 75% discounts on a wide range of connectivity solutions, including fixed, home, and mobile connectivity deals.
  • The promotions include remarkable offers like a 100mbps home connectivity plan for just R499 per month over 36 months, a 44% discount on the RED VIP 40GB plan, and a limited-time prepaid LTE starter pack with a ZTE MiFi Router and 100GB of data for just R399.
  • Vodacom is also providing extra value for VodaPay users, offering a 30% bonus airtime valid for one year, and these Black November deals will run from November 7th to December 6th, available both in-store and online.

Johannesburg, South Africa – In an exciting development for tech-savvy South Africans, Vodacom, one of the leading mobile operators in the country, has officially launched its highly anticipated Black Friday deals for 2023. These incredible deals are set to run throughout the entire month of November, with a promise of fresh, exciting discounts being added each week, making it a month-long extravaganza of savings for consumers.

Vodacom, known for its commitment to providing top-notch connectivity solutions, has gone the extra mile this year. The group has pledged to offer discounts of up to 75% on a wide range of products and services, including fixed, home, and mobile connectivity deals. The Black November bonanza even extends to SIM-only data plans, catering to individuals who are already equipped with devices and are looking to supercharge their data experience at pocket-friendly prices.

A spokesperson for the telecommunications giant stated, “Our Black November discounted deals are a testament to our commitment to fulfilling the connectivity needs of our customers while alleviating their financial strain and making a significant difference in their everyday lives. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality connectivity, and this event is our way of ensuring that it’s not just accessible but also affordable.”

One of the standout offers included in this year’s Black Friday sale is a phenomenal 75% discount on fixed wireless home connectivity. For instance, customers can sign up for a blazing-fast 100mbps contract, which is now available at an unbeatable rate of R499 per month over a 36-month period. This special offer empowers households with seamless internet connectivity at a fraction of the usual cost.

Additionally, Vodacom is offering a generous 44% discount on the RED VIP 40GB plan, a delightful treat for mobile data enthusiasts who crave high-speed browsing, streaming, and downloading on the go.

As if these discounts weren’t already tempting enough, Vodacom has also introduced a limited-time offer that’s bound to create a buzz. Customers who act quickly can snag a prepaid LTE starter pack for just R399, which includes a ZTE MiFi Router and a whopping 100GB of data. However, it’s essential to note that this exclusive deal will be available later in the month, and it’s only valid while stocks last. So, early birds, mark your calendars!

But Vodacom’s generosity doesn’t end there. The company has taken an extra step to reward its loyal VodaPay users. Customers who choose to make their transactions through VodaPay can enjoy the perks of a 30% bonus airtime, which is valid for an entire year. This added value sweetens the pot for those who opt for the convenience of using VodaPay for their mobile payments.

The clock is ticking, as Vodacom’s Black November deals are set to kick off from the 7th of November and will continue through until the 6th of December 2023. Both in-store and online shoppers can partake in this extravagant month-long event, which promises to be a game-changer for South Africans looking to upgrade their connectivity solutions while keeping a close eye on their budgets.

South Africans can look forward to a month filled with unbeatable offers, ensuring that Vodacom’s Black Friday deals for 2023 are not just a shopping spree but a chance to make a real difference in their lives. Whether it’s fast internet for the home or a data plan for your mobile device, Vodacom has something for everyone, and it’s all just a click or a visit away. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big and stay connected with Vodacom’s exceptional Black November deals!



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