South African ETF Listing: Global Dividend Opportunity Soars

  • CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF lists 26.5 million securities on JSE, expanding investor opportunities in South Africa.
  • Investors can access global dividend-paying companies with a history of increasing dividends, enhancing portfolio diversification.
  • Grindrod Bank Limited serves as the corporate advisor and sponsor for this ETF's listing on the JSE.

In a significant development for South African investors, CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) has listed a staggering 26,549,346 securities on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) today. This move, eagerly awaited by market participants, is poised to have a substantial impact on the local investment landscape.

The ETF, with the share code GLODIV and ISIN ZAE000254249, is managed by CoreShares Index Tracker Managers (RF) Proprietary Limited. Its listing marks a significant expansion in the investment opportunities available to South African investors looking to diversify their portfolios globally.

Key Details of the Listing:

  • Share Code: GLODIV
  • ISIN: ZAE000254249
  • Issue Price: R19.39 per security
  • Total Securities in Issue After Listing: 127,190,766

Investors can now trade these securities, allowing them to gain exposure to the CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF and its underlying assets. This ETF offers a unique investment opportunity, as it tracks a basket of global dividend-paying companies that have consistently demonstrated their ability to grow dividends over time. This can be particularly appealing for income-focused investors looking for reliable dividend streams in their portfolios.

With the listing of these securities, South African investors gain access to a diverse portfolio of global companies that meet the Aristocrats criteria, offering the potential for both capital appreciation and dividend income.

This move by CoreShares aligns with the growing trend of South African investors seeking international diversification to mitigate risk and explore opportunities beyond the domestic market. As global economic dynamics continue to evolve, access to international assets becomes increasingly essential for a well-rounded investment strategy.

The CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF represents a well-thought-out and strategically constructed offering for investors looking to capitalize on the global equity markets’ potential while minimizing risks.

A New Opportunity for South African Investors

The listing of 26,549,346 CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF securities on the JSE opens up new possibilities for South African investors. It allows them to access a diversified portfolio of global dividend-paying stocks conveniently through the local exchange.

This development is particularly timely given the ongoing volatility and uncertainty in financial markets worldwide. Diversification across geographies and sectors can help investors mitigate risk and enhance the resilience of their portfolios.

Investors should consult with their financial advisors to assess whether the CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF aligns with their investment goals and risk tolerance. Additionally, it’s important to stay informed about the latest market trends and developments as the global investment landscape continues to evolve.

The listing of 26,549,346 CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF securities on the JSE represents a significant opportunity for South African investors to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to a basket of global companies with strong dividend growth histories. As the investment landscape continues to evolve, investors should stay vigilant and informed about opportunities that align with their financial goals.



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