South African Corporate Shakeup: Nampak Director Resigns, Takes Helm at Tiger Brands

  • Resignation of Mr. Tjaart Kruger: Mr. Kruger, a non-executive director at Nampak, resigned from his role on October 25, 2023.
  • New Role as CEO of Tiger Brands Limited: Mr. Kruger is set to take on the role of CEO at Tiger Brands Limited, a prominent South African consumer goods company.
  • Impact on Nampak: Nampak faces leadership changes as it seeks a replacement for Mr. Kruger's role during a critical transformation phase.

In a significant development in the South African corporate landscape, Nampak Limited, has announced a change in its board of directors. Mr. Tjaart Kruger, a non-executive director of the company, tendered his resignation, effective from 25 October 2023.

A Respected Figure in the Business World

Mr. Tjaart Kruger has been a respected figure in the South African business world, and his departure from Nampak signals a significant shift in the company’s leadership structure. His tenure on the board coincided with a critical phase of Nampak’s turnaround process. The board expressed its gratitude to Mr. Kruger for his invaluable guidance during this period.

A New Challenge: CEO of Tiger Brands Limited

While Mr. Kruger’s resignation from Nampak marks the end of an era for the company, it opens the door to a new and exciting opportunity for him. He is set to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director at Tiger Brands Limited, one of South Africa’s prominent consumer goods companies. This move underscores Mr. Kruger’s vision and leadership qualities, as he transitions to a key role in a different sector of the South African economy.

Committee Memberships Ceased

As a consequence of Mr. Kruger’s resignation from Nampak, his memberships on two important committees, the Audit and Risk Committee and the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, have also come to an end. These committees play crucial roles in ensuring transparency, governance, and the management of key aspects of the company. The company is expected to make necessary adjustments to these committees in light of Mr. Kruger’s departure.

Here’s a summary of the key details regarding Mr. Tjaart Kruger’s resignation:

Name: Mr. Tjaart Kruger
Previous Role: Non-Executive Director at Nampak Limited
Resignation Effective Date: 25 October 2023
New Role: Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director at Tiger Brands Limited
Committee Memberships: Audit and Risk Committee, Nominations and Remuneration Committee (ceased with resignation)

Implications for Nampak Limited

Nampak Limited, a major player in the packaging industry in South Africa, is now faced with the task of filling the void left by Mr. Kruger’s departure. The company is expected to initiate a search for a suitable replacement for the non-executive director role. The board will need to consider factors such as experience, industry knowledge, and the ability to contribute to Nampak’s ongoing transformation.

A Critical Phase of Transformation

The timing of Mr. Kruger’s departure is noteworthy. It comes at a juncture when Nampak has been actively engaged in a transformation process aimed at enhancing its operations, improving financial performance, and maintaining its competitive edge in the market. Mr. Kruger’s presence and guidance were instrumental during this phase.

The Path Forward

Nampak Limited, headquartered in South Africa, is an integral part of the country’s manufacturing and packaging industry. As the company navigates through this transition, it will be important for its leadership to maintain a steady course and continue the momentum of the ongoing transformation process.

Reaction from the Market

The news of Mr. Kruger’s resignation from Nampak Limited and his new role at Tiger Brands Limited is expected to draw attention from investors and industry stakeholders. Nampak’s stock performance may see some fluctuations in response to this development. It remains to be seen how the market will react to the company’s upcoming changes in leadership and committee memberships.

Continuity in Governance

While the departure of Mr. Kruger is a significant event, it’s worth noting that the company’s announcement assures shareholders and the public that the Audit and Risk Committee and the Nominations and Remuneration Committee remain duly constituted. This continuity in governance is essential for the smooth operation of Nampak’s corporate affairs.


As Nampak Limited adapts to the departure of Mr. Tjaart Kruger and seeks a suitable replacement, the company remains focused on its strategic objectives and transformation journey. Meanwhile, the South African business community will be watching Mr. Kruger’s new role as CEO of Tiger Brands Limited, anticipating the direction he will steer the company in. This change in leadership is a reminder of the dynamic nature of the corporate world, where individuals transition to new challenges, leaving behind a legacy of their contributions to the organizations they have served.



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