Satrix ILBI ETF Rebalances Portfolio: Aligning for Market Success

  • Satrix ILBI ETF undergoes rebalancing following monthly review of Barclays/Absa South African Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index.
  • Adjustments made to constituent weightings aim to align the ETF's portfolio with market conditions and investment objectives.
  • Rebalancing changes effective from July 7, 2023; investors advised to review investment strategies and assess impact on performance and risk characteristics.

In an official announcement, Satrix Collective Investment Scheme 2 has revealed that its Satrix ILBI ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) has undergone a rebalancing process following the monthly review of the Barclays/Absa South African Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index. The adjustments made to the constituent weightings of the ETF aim to align its portfolio with prevailing market conditions and investment objectives.

The Satrix ILBI ETF, identified by the JSE code STXIFL and ISIN ZAE000318291, operates under the Satrix Collective Investment Scheme 2, which is registered in compliance with the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, 45 of 2002.

Effective from Friday, July 7, 2023, the rebalancing changes were implemented after the close of business on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

The revised weightings for the constituents of the Satrix ILBI ETF are as follows:

CodeSharePrevious WeightNew Weight
I2025RSA ILB 2.0% 3101202516.28%16.09%
I2029RSA ILB 1.875% 310320297.48%7.48%
I2033RSA ILB 1.875% 280220339.98%9.95%
I2038RSA ILB 2.25% 3101203814.01%14.12%
I2046RSA ILB 2.50% 3103204613.57%13.69%
I2050RSA ILB 2.50% 3112205015.25%15.17%
R202RSA ILB 3.45% 0712203313.05%12.99%
R210RSA ILB 2.60% 310320289.50%9.41%

These adjustments reflect the fund manager’s evaluation of the relative attractiveness and risk-reward profile of the constituent securities. By rebalancing the Satrix ILBI ETF, the aim is to maintain a well-diversified and optimized portfolio that aligns with the investment objectives of the ETF.

Investors who have invested in the Satrix ILBI ETF should take note of these changes, as they may have an impact on the fund’s performance and risk characteristics. It is advisable for investors to review their investment strategies and assess whether these adjustments align with their individual investment goals.



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