Resilient Growth: Cashbuild’s Q4 Revenue Steady

  • Cashbuild Limited reports stable revenue in Q4 2023 despite challenges
  • New store openings contribute to offsetting revenue decline from existing stores
  • Full financial results for FY 2023 to be released on or about 30th August 2023

Cashbuild Limited released its voluntary quarterly operational update for the fourth quarter of the 2023 financial year, revealing a resilient performance amidst economic challenges. The company reported steady revenue, with new store openings helping offset the impact of reduced revenue from existing stores.

Stable Revenue Despite Challenges: During the fourth quarter of FY 2023, Cashbuild Group’s revenue remained consistent, similar to the comparative period of the previous financial year, Q4 FY 2022. While the 308 existing stores experienced a 2% decline in revenue, this decline was balanced by a 2% growth contributed by the 10 new stores opened during the same period.

Challenges from Previous Year: The financial year ending 30th June 2023 saw Cashbuild facing headwinds caused by the effects of stores looted in FY 2022. Despite this, the Group reported an overall decrease in revenue of 4%. However, when excluding the impact of looted stores, the revenue decline for FY 2023 would have been 7%, indicating the underlying challenges the company confronted during the year.

Transaction Volumes and Inflation: Transaction volumes through the tills experienced a 2% decrease compared to the comparative period. Existing stores faced a 4% decline in transactions, while new stores showed growth, contributing a 2% increase.

Selling inflation at the end of June 2023 stood at 5.4%, reflecting a rise in costs compared to June 2022.

Operational Performance by Segment: Cashbuild Limited operates in various segments, each showing distinct revenue performances for Q4 2023 compared to Q4 FY 2022:

Table 1: Revenue performance Q4 2023 versus Q4 FY 2022

Operating SegmentPercentage of Total SalesTotal Growth %New Growth %Existing Growth %
Cashbuild South Africa81(3)1(4)
Cashbuild Common Monetary Areas6(8)(8)
Cashbuild Other *5(1)(1)
P&L Hardware South Africa8(6)(6)
Total Group1002(2)

Expanding Store Footprint: Despite the challenges, Cashbuild Group opened two new Cashbuild stores during Q4 2023, adding to the six new stores opened during FY 2023. Additionally, the company closed one non-performing P&L Hardware store during Q4 2023.

At the end of FY 2023, the Group had a total of 318 stores in operation, including 10 new stores.

Future Outlook

Cashbuild Limited’s management is currently finalizing the results for the 52 weeks ended 25th June 2023. The full financial results are expected to be released on or about 30th August 2023.

It is important to note that the pro forma stores looted information provided in the update is for illustrative purposes only and has not been audited. The directors of Cashbuild take responsibility for this information.


Cashbuild Limited’s ability to maintain steady revenue amidst challenges reflects its resilience and strategic approach to operations. The company’s expansion with new store openings demonstrates its commitment to growth despite economic uncertainties.



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