Olusola Adejoke David-Borha Joins Standard Bank Group Board as Non-Executive Director

  • Olusola Adejoke David-Borha appointed as non-executive director to Standard Bank Group and The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited.
  • Ms. David-Borha brings extensive experience from her previous role as CEO for Africa Regions at Standard Bank Group.
  • Appointment underscores bank's commitment to governance excellence, regulatory compliance, and strategic leadership for sustainable growth.

Standard Bank Group Limited has announced the appointment of Olusola Adejoke David-Borha as a non-executive director. This move underscores the bank’s commitment to strengthening its board with diverse expertise and experience.


Standard Bank Group Limited, with its roots tracing back to 1862, is one of Africa’s largest financial services groups. It operates in 20 countries across Africa and other key global markets, providing a wide range of banking and financial services.

Olusola Adejoke David-Borha: A Profile

Olusola Adejoke David-Borha, aged 63, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the board. With a background in both academia and business, she holds a BSc. (Hons) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, an MBA from the University of Manchester, and an AMP from Harvard Business School.

Career Highlights

Ms. David-Borha previously served as the Chief Executive Officer for Africa Regions at Standard Bank Group until her retirement in March 2021. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in shaping the bank’s strategic direction and expanding its footprint across the continent.

Appointment as Non-Executive Director

The announcement of Ms. David-Borha’s appointment as a non-executive director reflects Standard Bank Group’s commitment to enhancing its governance structure and leveraging diverse perspectives at the board level. The appointment is subject to regulatory approval by the South African Reserve Bank Prudential Authority.

Board Dynamics

The addition of Ms. David-Borha to the board brings a mix of industry expertise, strategic vision, and a deep understanding of African markets. Her insights will be invaluable in guiding the bank’s strategic decisions, particularly in navigating the evolving financial landscape and driving sustainable growth.

Regulatory Compliance

The appointment of Ms. David-Borha complies with the stringent regulatory requirements of the JSE Listings and Debt Listings. This ensures transparency and accountability in the governance processes of Standard Bank Group, reinforcing investor confidence.

Stakeholder Expectations

Stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees, are likely to welcome Ms. David-Borha’s appointment, viewing it as a positive step towards strengthening governance and enhancing board effectiveness. Her track record of leadership and strategic acumen augurs well for the bank’s future performance.

Future Outlook

As Standard Bank Group continues to navigate through dynamic market conditions and pursue its strategic objectives, the expertise and insights brought by Ms. David-Borha will be instrumental in driving sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders.


The appointment of Olusola Adejoke David-Borha to the board of Standard Bank Group as a non-executive director underscores the bank’s commitment to governance excellence and strategic leadership. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of African markets, Ms. David-Borha is well-positioned to contribute meaningfully to the bank’s continued success. As Standard Bank Group charts its course in an increasingly complex financial landscape, stakeholders can look forward to enhanced governance, prudent decision-making, and sustained value creation under Ms. David-Borha’s stewardship.

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