Novus Holdings Seals R125M Deal with Micasa

  • Novus Holdings completes the sale of Novus Print Letting Enterprise to Micasa for R125 million, with a smooth transition.
  • The transaction reflects Novus Holdings' strategic focus and Micasa's expansion strategy in the South African market.
  • Merchantec Capital played a key role as the sponsor, facilitating the successful conclusion of the deal.
Novus Holdings

Novus Holdings Limited has successfully concluded the sale of its Novus Print Letting Enterprise to Micasa, marking a significant development in the corporate landscape. The transaction, previously announced in February, April, and May of this year, has now been finalized with the registration of transfer of properties to the purchaser.

Key Transaction Details

In this noteworthy deal, Novus Holdings’ subsidiary, Novus Print, has officially transferred the Novus Print Letting Enterprise to Micasa for a cash purchase consideration of R125 million. The registration of the property transfer took place on 11 September 2023, signaling the Transfer Date, with the Consideration expected to be received by the Purchaser on 12 September 2023. Importantly, the Transfer Date serves as the Effective Date of the Disposal.

Table: Transaction Overview

Transaction ComponentDetails
SellerNovus Holdings Limited
SubsidiaryNovus Print
Purchase ConsiderationR125,000,000
Transfer Date11 September 2023
Payment Date12 September 2023
Effective Date11 September 2023 (Same as Transfer Date)

This significant move has been closely watched by stakeholders in the South African business community and highlights the ever-evolving dynamics of the local market.

Implications and Future Prospects

The completion of this transaction holds several implications for both Novus Holdings and Micasa. For Novus Holdings, it represents a strategic decision to streamline its operations and divest from the Novus Print Letting Enterprise. This move is part of the company’s broader strategy to focus on core business activities.

Micasa, on the other hand, gains access to valuable assets and operations through this acquisition. The purchase of the Novus Print Letting Enterprise aligns with Micasa’s growth strategy, enabling the company to expand its footprint and diversify its portfolio.

Stakeholder Confidence

The successful completion of the Disposal reflects positively on the confidence and trust between the two companies involved. Novus Holdings and Micasa have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring a smooth and efficient transition of assets and operations.


The finalization of the Disposal of Novus Print Letting Enterprise marks a milestone in the corporate journey of Novus Holdings and an exciting opportunity for Micasa. This strategic move highlights the dynamic nature of the South African business landscape, where companies continuously adapt to align with their core objectives and growth strategies.



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