Nampak Limited Announces Changes to Board Committees

  • New Leadership: Nooraya Khan and Kholeka Mzondeki appointed as Chairpersons of Nampak Limited's key Board Committees.
  • Enhanced Governance: Their expertise will bolster oversight on nominations, remuneration, social responsibility, ethics, and transformation initiatives.
  • Continued Contribution: Board expresses confidence in Khan and Mzondeki, anticipating their valuable contributions to long-term success.

In a recent development, Nampak Limited, a leading player in the South African market, has announced significant changes to its Board Committees. These changes aim to bolster the company’s governance structure and enhance its focus on key areas of operation.

New Chairpersons Appointed

Ms. Nooraya Khan, an esteemed independent non-executive director and existing member of the Audit and Risk Committee, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, effective from February 20, 2024. Ms. Khan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role, and her appointment is expected to further strengthen the committee’s oversight of critical aspects such as board nominations and executive remuneration.

Additionally, Ms. Kholeka Mzondeki, another distinguished independent non-executive director and current member of the Audit and Risk Committee, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Social, Ethics, and Transformation Committee, also effective from February 20, 2024. Ms. Mzondeki’s leadership will be instrumental in guiding the committee’s efforts towards fostering social responsibility, ethical practices, and meaningful transformation initiatives within the company.

Continued Contribution Anticipated

The Board of Nampak Limited expresses its confidence in the capabilities of Ms. Khan and Ms. Mzondeki to excel in their new roles. Their extensive backgrounds and proven track records make them valuable assets to the company’s governance framework. The Board looks forward to their continued contributions towards Nampak’s long-term success and sustainability.


The appointment of Ms. Nooraya Khan and Ms. Kholeka Mzondeki as Chairpersons of key Board Committees marks a significant milestone for Nampak Limited. These changes reflect the company’s proactive approach towards enhancing its governance practices and ensuring alignment with evolving industry standards. As Nampak continues to navigate the dynamic business landscape, these appointments underscore its commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all facets of its operations.

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