Marshall Monteagle PLC CEO Warwick Hugh Marshall Increases Stake with Off-Market Purchase

  • CEO Warwick Hugh Marshall purchases 562,452 company shares in an off-market deal on February 23, 2024.
  • The transaction, valued at GBP £562,452 / ZAR 13,715,223.30, demonstrates Marshall's confidence in the company.
  • Mr. Marshall's beneficial interest and the obtained clearance to deal add transparency to this significant share acquisition.

In a move signaling confidence in Marshall Monteagle PLC, the Chief Executive Officer, Warwick Hugh Marshall, has made a substantial off-market purchase of the company’s shares.

Details of the Transaction

On February 23, 2024, Mr. Marshall acquired 562,452 ordinary shares of Marshall Monteagle PLC, according to disclosures made to the JSE Limited Listings Requirements.

Transaction Details
Date of TransactionFebruary 23, 2024
Nature of TransactionOff-market purchase
Number of Shares562,452
Price per ShareGBP £1 / ZAR 24.38470
Value of TransactionGBP £562,452 / ZAR 13,715,223.30
Nature of InterestBeneficial
Clearance to DealObtained

Significance of the Purchase

The purchase, valued at approximately GBP £562,452 / ZAR 13,715,223.30, underscores Mr. Marshall’s belief in the company’s growth prospects. It represents a significant increase in his stake, demonstrating his commitment to Marshall Monteagle PLC’s success.

Transparency and Compliance

The disclosure of Mr. Marshall’s beneficial interest and the confirmation of clearance to proceed with the transaction adhere to JSE Limited Listings Requirements. This transparency reinforces investor confidence and aligns with good corporate governance practices.


Warwick Hugh Marshall’s acquisition of over half a million shares underscores his confidence in Marshall Monteagle PLC’s trajectory. With transparency and compliance in focus, this move reflects positively on the company’s governance standards and may instill further confidence in its future prospects.



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