Market Shock: Astral Foods Forecasts Major Earnings Plunge in 2023

  • Astral Foods anticipates a significant earnings decline of 145%-155% for the 2023 financial year, with a projected loss per share.
  • The trading statement highlights challenges in South Africa's agricultural and poultry sectors and their impact on Astral Foods' performance.
  • Investor sentiment is uncertain, with market reaction affecting the company's share price, as stakeholders await the full financial results in November.
Astral Food Limited

Astral Foods Limited, a prominent player in South Africa’s food industry, has recently issued a trading statement that is sending ripples through the financial markets. The company’s announcement has left investors, analysts, and stakeholders perplexed as they grapple with the news of a significant expected decrease in earnings for the 2023 financial year. This stark revelation comes after the company previously hinted at impending challenges, and now, they have confirmed the extent of the expected financial hit.

The Shocking Numbers

In a trading statement released on October 31, 2023, Astral Foods laid bare the expected downturn in its financial performance for the year ending on September 30, 2023. The numbers are nothing short of staggering and have sent shockwaves throughout the market. The following table illustrates the anticipated financial decline:

Financial MetricExpected RangePrevious Year (Sep 30, 2022)
Earnings per Share (EPS)-145% to -155%2,781 cents per share
Headline Earnings per Share (HEPS)-145% to -155%2,762 cents per share

These anticipated figures indicate a massive reversal of fortune for the company. While in the previous financial year, Astral Foods reported a profit of 2,781 cents per share, they now foresee a loss of between 1,251 and 1,529 cents per share. Likewise, headline earnings per share, which stood at 2,762 cents in 2022, are expected to plunge into negative territory, ranging from 1,243 to 1,519 cents per share.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Astral Foods’ announcement follows a prior voluntary trading update and initial trading statement issued on September 21, 2023. In that statement, the company hinted at a series of events and factors that were negatively impacting its financial performance. At that time, the full extent of the downturn was yet to be determined. Now, the market knows that Astral Foods is bracing for an incredibly challenging year ahead.

What Led to This Decline?

The trading statement does not delve into the specific factors that have brought about this drastic reversal of fortune. However, it’s worth noting that the company’s financial health is closely tied to the agricultural and poultry sectors. Adverse events in these industries can significantly impact its performance.

The South African agricultural sector has faced a multitude of challenges, including unpredictable weather patterns, rising input costs, and market volatility. These factors can have a cascading effect on the financial performance of companies like Astral Foods.

Additionally, the global poultry industry has been grappling with disruptions caused by the ongoing avian influenza outbreaks. Such outbreaks can lead to significant losses in poultry production and sales. As a prominent player in the poultry sector, Astral Foods is likely to have been affected by these challenges.

Financial Position and Liquidity

In the trading statement, Astral Foods highlights its balance sheet, which is geared to approximately 26%. This indicates the company’s financial leverage and its ability to meet its financial obligations. Importantly, the statement also mentions that the company’s banking facilities do not have any covenant requirements, meaning that it does not face specific financial conditions to fulfill.

Auditor Review and Accountability

The statement makes it clear that the financial information provided has not been reviewed or reported on by the company’s auditors. This is standard practice, as auditors need to undertake a thorough examination of the financial statements to ensure their accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

This announcement reflects a commitment to transparency, as the company informs its stakeholders about the expected financial challenges it faces. While the figures are shocking, they provide a realistic and accurate view of the company’s performance.

Market Reaction and Investor Sentiment

The news of Astral Foods’ expected financial decline has already had an impact on its share price. The company’s JSE share code is ARL, and its A2X share code is also ARL. The market has reacted to this announcement with uncertainty, and the share price may experience further fluctuations as investors react to the news.

Investors and analysts will be closely watching how the company manages the challenges it faces and whether there are any strategies or plans in place to address the issues that have led to this decline.

Looking Ahead

Astral Foods has indicated that it intends to publish the full results for the 2023 financial year on SENS (the Stock Exchange News Service) on or about Monday, November 20, 2023. This will provide a more detailed picture of the company’s financial performance, as well as potential insights into how they plan to navigate the challenges ahead.


Astral Foods Limited’s trading statement for the 2023 financial year paints a sobering picture of the company’s anticipated financial performance. The expected earnings decline, in the range of 145% to 155%, is a significant reversal from the prior year’s profits. While the statement does not delve into the specific factors behind this downturn, it underscores the challenges faced by companies in the agricultural and poultry sectors in South Africa.

As the market awaits the full results to be published in November, Astral Foods will need to address these challenges and reassure its stakeholders. The impact of this news has already been felt in its share price, and it remains to be seen how the company will navigate these uncertain waters. The South African business community and investors will be watching closely, seeking clarity on the company’s strategies for the future.



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