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Lighthouse Properties Offers Shareholders Dividend Choice for Maximizing Returns

  • Lighthouse Properties p.l.c. in Malta offers shareholders a dividend choice between cash and Scrip Distribution.
  • Fractional entitlements are handled by rounding down to the nearest whole number, with tax implications considered.
  • Shareholders can optimize returns through tax planning, diversification, and strategic reinvestment of dividends.

In the realm of finance, dividends serve as a pivotal aspect of investment returns, providing shareholders with a steady stream of income. Lighthouse Properties p.l.c., a prominent entity registered in Malta, has recently announced a dividend declaration that presents shareholders with intriguing options for optimizing their returns.

Understanding the Dividend Declaration

On March 15, 2024, Lighthouse declared a cash dividend of 1.35 EUR cents per share, alongside a Scrip Distribution alternative of the same value. This declaration offers shareholders a choice between immediate cash gains and the potential for additional shares.

Cash Dividend vs. Scrip Distribution: Decoding Your Options

Cash Dividend:

  • Immediate cash infusion
  • Simplifies tax implications
  • Provides liquidity for other investment opportunities

Scrip Distribution:

  • Potential for increased shareholding
  • Long-term wealth accumulation
  • May require careful tax planning

Navigating Fractional Entitlements

For shareholders opting for the Scrip Distribution, understanding fractional entitlements becomes crucial. Lighthouse’s policy rounds down fractional shares to the nearest whole number, compensating shareholders for the fraction’s value.

Fraction Rate Calculation: Unveiling the Process

The fraction rate computation involves multiple factors, ensuring fairness and accuracy in distribution:

  • Utilization of the volume weighted average price on April 10, 2024
  • Conversion to EUR using the prevailing exchange rate
  • Discounting by 10% for equitable distribution

Realizing Net Fraction Rates: Implications for Shareholders

The gross fraction rate stands at 703.91263 ZAR cents or 34.90557 EUR cents per Lighthouse share. However, after factoring in South African dividend tax at 20%, the net fraction rate amounts to 563.13011 ZAR cents or 27.92445 EUR cents per share.

Enhancing Returns: Strategies for Shareholders

Tax Optimization:

  • Consultation with tax advisors
  • Utilization of tax-efficient investment vehicles


  • Allocation of funds across different asset classes
  • Reduction of risk through diversification


  • Consideration of reinvesting dividends for compounding returns
  • Evaluation of reinvestment options offered by Lighthouse


Lighthouse’s dividend declaration provides shareholders with a golden opportunity to enhance their investment returns strategically. By understanding the nuances of dividend options, fractional entitlements, and tax implications, shareholders can navigate the financial landscape with confidence and maximize their wealth accumulation.


Dividend OptionCash DividendScrip Distribution
Value per share (EUR)1.35 cents1.35 cents
Tax ImplicationsSimplifiedComplex
Long-term PotentialN/AIncreased holdings



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