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Investec Group FY2024 Pre-Close Trading Update: A Deep Dive into Financial Performance and Strategic Actions

  • Investec Group's FY2024 pre-close trading update showcases robust financial performance and strategic initiatives.
  • Key highlights include increased earnings per share, strategic actions like share buy-backs, and operational resilience.
  • The outlook remains optimistic with revised medium-term targets expected to be announced alongside full-year results in May 2024.
Investec Limited

Investec Group, a leading financial services provider based in South Africa and the UK, recently released its pre-close trading update for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2024 (FY2024). This update provides valuable insights into the Group’s financial performance, strategic actions, and outlook for the coming year.

Financial Performance Highlights

Investec Group’s FY2024 financial performance showcases robust growth across key metrics:

  • Adjusted earnings per share (EPS) are expected to increase by 10.0% to 16.0% compared to FY2023.
  • Basic EPS is forecasted to show a significant improvement of 19.9% to 24.5% year-on-year.
  • Headline EPS is expected to rise by 4.8% to 10.6% compared to the previous fiscal year.
  • Adjusted operating profit before tax is projected to be between £866.9 million and £909.6 million, representing a notable increase from FY2023.

Here’s a table summarizing the expected earnings per share (EPS) for FY2024 compared to FY2023:

MetricFY2024 Expected RangeFY2023
Adjusted EPS76.0p to 80.0p68.9p
Basic EPS102.9p to 106.8p85.8p
Headline EPS70.0p to 74.0p66.8p
Adjusted Operating Profit£866.9M to £909.6M£818.7M

Strategic Actions

Investec Group has undertaken several strategic actions to optimize its operations and enhance shareholder value:

  1. Combination with Rathbones Group: Investec Wealth & Investment UK merged with Rathbones Group, aiming for synergies and improved client offerings.
  2. Share Buy-Back Programme: Approximately R6.7 billion or £300 million was allocated for a share buy-back and repurchase program, aligning with the Group’s capital optimization strategy.
  3. Property Management Disposal: The Group disposed of property management companies to Burstone Group, leading to deconsolidation and strategic realignment.
  4. The Bud Group Holdings Restructure: A prior-year restructure facilitated Investec’s planned exit from The Bud Group Holdings.
  5. Distribution of Ninety One Shareholding: The Group distributed its 15% shareholding in Ninety One, streamlining its portfolio.

Operational Highlights

Investec Group’s operational performance for FY2024 demonstrates resilience and strategic execution:

  • Revenue growth was supported by balance sheet expansion, incremental growth strategies, and favourable interest rate environments.
  • Net interest income benefited from increased lending volumes and higher interest rates.
  • Non-interest revenue (NIR) growth was driven by client acquisition, improved activity levels, and strategic investments.
  • Cost-to-income ratio remained in line with expectations, reflecting prudent cost management and strategic investments.
  • Credit loss ratios are within expected ranges, with specific insights into South Africa and the UK markets.

Outlook and Medium-Term Targets

Looking ahead, Investec Group remains focused on optimizing shareholder returns and pursuing growth opportunities:

  • Revised medium-term financial targets are expected to be announced alongside the full-year results in May 2024.
  • Strong capital and liquidity positions enable continued support for clients and strategic initiatives.


Investec Group’s FY2024 pre-close trading update underscores its strong financial performance, strategic agility, and commitment to value creation. Through targeted actions, prudent risk management, and client-centric strategies, the Group navigates dynamic market conditions while driving sustainable growth. As investors await the full-year results and revised targets, Investec’s trajectory reflects resilience and strategic foresight in the financial services landscape.



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