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Insights into Share Options Exercise and Settlement at STADIO Holdings Limited

  • STADIO Holdings Limited recently disclosed share options exercises, showcasing alignment with key personnel and future growth prospects.
  • Various directors and a prescribed officer participated in the exercise, reflecting confidence in the company's performance.
  • The transactions involved after-tax net-equity settlements and indirect or direct beneficial interests, emphasizing stakeholders' commitment.
Stadio Annual General Meeting Results

STADIO Holdings Limited, a prominent entity in the Republic of South Africa, recently disclosed information regarding the exercise and settlement of share options by directors, a prescribed officer, and a director of a major subsidiary. This article delves into the details of these transactions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the process and its implications.

Understanding Share Options:

Share options are a common form of compensation offered to directors and key personnel in companies. They provide the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified number of shares at a predetermined price within a certain timeframe.

Key Players and Transactions:

  1. Mr. Christian Phillipus David Vorster
    • Executive Director at STADIO Holdings Limited.
    • Exercised 1,996,413 options with strike prices of R1.23 and R3.64.
    • After-tax net-equity settlement of 807,581 shares.
    • Indirect, beneficial interest through Bredamonti Proprietary Limited.
  2. Dr. Divya Singh
    • Executive Director at STADIO Holdings Limited.
    • Exercised multiple options totaling 1,271,743 shares.
    • After-tax net-equity settlement for various shares.
    • Direct, beneficial interest in the transactions.
  3. Mr. Jacobus Johannes Human
    • Prescribed Officer at STADIO Holdings Limited.
    • Exercised options for 775,993 shares.
    • Acquired shares at different strike prices.
    • Indirect, beneficial interest through Working Class Heroes Proprietary Limited.
  4. Dr. Christiaan Rudolph van der Merwe
    • Non-Executive Director at STADIO Holdings Limited.
    • Exercised 645,077 options at a strike price of R3.63.
    • After-tax net-equity settlement of 80,674 shares.
    • Indirect, beneficial interest through Chris van der Merwe Familie Trust.
  5. Ms. Teresa Zoë Passchier
    • Executive Director at a major subsidiary of STADIO Holdings Limited.
    • Exercised options for 312,501 shares.
    • After-tax net-equity settlement for various shares.
    • Direct, beneficial interest in the transactions.

Implications and Analysis:

The exercise and settlement of share options indicate confidence and alignment of interests between key personnel and the company’s performance. It also reflects the value these individuals see in the company’s future prospects.

Comparative Analysis:

A comparative analysis of the share options exercised by different directors and officers can provide insights into their respective roles, responsibilities, and contributions to the company’s growth and success.

Director/OfficerNumber of Options ExercisedNature of InterestSettlement Method
Mr. Christian Vorster2,301,785Indirect, beneficialAfter-tax net-equity
Dr. Divya Singh1,271,743Direct, beneficialAfter-tax net-equity
Mr. Jacobus Johannes Human775,993Indirect, beneficialAcquisition of shares
Dr. Christiaan van der Merwe645,077Indirect, beneficialAfter-tax net-equity
Ms. Teresa Zoë Passchier312,501Direct, beneficialAfter-tax net-equity


The exercise and settlement of share options at STADIO Holdings Limited highlight the confidence and commitment of key individuals towards the company’s growth. These transactions also demonstrate the importance of aligning incentives between management and shareholders for sustainable business success.



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