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Hammerson PLC Grants Options to PDMR Harry Badham

  • Hammerson PLC granted 156,203 options to PDMR Harry Badham under the SAYE scheme.
  • The options have an exercise price of 20.23 pence per share and are exercisable from 2029.
  • This transaction aligns with Hammerson's talent management strategy and regulatory compliance standards.

Hammerson PLC recently granted 156,203 options to one of its key executives, Harry Badham, under the Hammerson Savings-Related Share Option Scheme (SAYE). This move reflects the company’s commitment to incentivizing and retaining top talent within its leadership ranks.

Details of the Transaction

On 8 April 2024, Harry Badham, the Chief Development and Asset Repositioning Officer at Hammerson PLC, was granted options to purchase ordinary shares in the company at an exercise price of 20.23 pence per share. The options, totaling 156,203 shares, are part of the SAYE scheme and will become exercisable starting from 1 May 2029 until 31 October 2029.

Purpose of the Options Grant

The grant of options to PDMR Harry Badham aligns with Hammerson PLC’s strategic goals of rewarding and retaining key executives who play pivotal roles in driving the company’s growth and success. It serves as an incentive for Mr. Badham to continue contributing to the development and repositioning of assets within Hammerson’s real estate portfolio.

Benefits of Share Option Schemes

Share option schemes like the one offered by Hammerson PLC are commonly used by companies to motivate employees and align their interests with those of shareholders. By granting options, employees have a direct stake in the company’s performance, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment.

Analysis of Option Pricing

The option price of 20.23 pence per share reflects the valuation at the time of grant and provides Mr. Badham with an opportunity to benefit from potential share price appreciation over the exercise period. This pricing strategy ensures that executives are rewarded based on the company’s long-term performance.

Comparison with Market Trends

The issuance of share options to executives is a prevalent practice in the corporate world, especially within the real estate and financial sectors. It allows companies like Hammerson PLC to attract and retain top talent in competitive markets, enhancing overall organizational stability and performance.


Hammerson PLC’s grant of options to PDMR Harry Badham underscores the company’s commitment to rewarding and retaining top talent in its leadership ranks. The SAYE scheme offers a valuable incentive for executives like Mr. Badham to contribute to Hammerson’s continued growth and success. This transaction, in compliance with regulatory requirements, reflects best practices in corporate governance and aligns with market trends in executive compensation.



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