Go Life’s Bold Rebrand to ‘Numeral Limited’ Sets the Stage for Transformation

  • Go Life International Rebrands: The company is changing its name to "Numeral Limited" to better reflect its evolving business focus.
  • Shareholder Approval Required: The name change decision is subject to shareholder approval via a general meeting on November 22, 2023.
  • South African Shareholders Anticipate Transformation: Investors eagerly await the outcome of the meeting, which will shape the company's future.
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Go Life International Limited, a company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius, has set the stage for a significant transformation by changing its name to “Numeral Limited.” The proposed rebranding is driven by a desire to better reflect the nature of the company’s business operations.

A Shift in Identity

The decision to change the company’s name is a pivotal moment in its journey. Go Life International Limited, which currently holds a primary listing on the Stock Exchange Mauritius (SEM) with the share code “GOLI.N0000” and a secondary listing on the AltX of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) with the share code “GLI,” has decided to undergo a fundamental transformation by adopting the name “Numeral Limited.”

This change represents a shift in identity and, for South African shareholders who have invested in the company, it is a moment of anticipation and significance.

A New Dawn: Numeral Limited

The proposed name, “Numeral Limited,” comes with a short name “NUMERAL” and an alpha code “XII.” While this might seem like a simple change of letters and characters, it signifies a new beginning for the company, one that reflects its evolving business focus.

Numeral Limited is embracing the future with a name that carries a sense of numerical precision and mathematical certainty. It speaks to a vision of growth, transformation, and adaptability in an ever-changing business landscape.

Shareholder Approval: A Critical Step

The change in the company’s name, though decided by the board of directors, is subject to shareholder approval. The board recognizes the significance of this decision and believes that it should be ratified by the very people who have invested their trust and capital in the company.

In light of this, a general meeting is scheduled to take place electronically on Wednesday, 22 November 2023, to consider and pass a special resolution related to the proposed name change. This meeting is a crucial milestone in the company’s transformation journey and provides an opportunity for shareholders to have their say in shaping the company’s future.

Key Dates for Shareholders

For shareholders who wish to participate in this momentous decision, it’s essential to mark the key dates on their calendars. Here is a summary of important dates and times related to the name change and general meeting:

Notice record dateFriday, 27 October
Announcement and circular publication dateMonday, 6 November
Circular posted to shareholdersMonday, 6 November
Last day to trade shares for votingTuesday, 14 November
General Meeting record dateFriday, 17 November
Electronic notice to participate in the General MeetingMonday, 20 November
Proxy forms submission deadlineMonday, 20 November
General MeetingWednesday, 22 November
Results of the General Meeting publishedWednesday, 22 November
Change of Name special resolution lodged for registrationThursday, 23 November
Expected registration of Change of Name special resolutionThursday, 23 November
Expected finalization announcement releaseFriday, 24 November
Expected last day to trade prior to the Change of NameMonday, 11 December
Expected listing and trading under the new name “Numeral”Tuesday, 12 December
Expected record date for the Change of NameThursday, 14 December
Expected update of accounts for dematerialized shareholdersMonday, 18 December
Expected issuance of new share certificates to certificated shareholdersMonday, 18 December

These dates are in South African time, aligning with the JSE Corporate Action timetable.

Important Notes for Shareholders

It’s crucial for shareholders to be aware of certain notes and restrictions during this transition period:

  1. Dematerialization and Rematerialization: Shareholders are prohibited from dematerializing or rematerializing their Ordinary Shares between Tuesday, 12 December 2023, and Thursday, 14 December 2023, both dates inclusive.
  2. Financial History: The company assures that it will retain its financial and trading history on the JSE post the name change. This means that South African investors can continue to track the company’s performance seamlessly.

Reactions from South African Shareholders

South African shareholders have been closely following the developments and are eager to see how this change will impact their investments. The decision to change the company’s name has sparked curiosity and discussions within the investor community.

Some investors see this as a positive step, indicating that the company is adapting and evolving to remain relevant in the modern business landscape. The new name, “Numeral Limited,” suggests a focus on precision and growth, which resonates with those who are looking for a forward-thinking and adaptable investment.

Others are taking a more cautious approach, wanting to ensure that the name change aligns with the company’s broader strategy and that it will lead to enhanced shareholder value. They’ll be closely scrutinizing the developments as they unfold during the general meeting and the subsequent steps in the process.

The Future: Numeral Limited

The company’s decision to change its name signifies an important transformation and rebranding. Numeral Limited, with its numerical connotations, represents a new era for the company. It is an opportunity to redefine and refocus on the future and align the company’s identity with its evolving business objectives.

South African shareholders now eagerly await the general meeting on Wednesday, 22 November 2023, where the proposed name change will be discussed and voted upon. This meeting will be a defining moment for the company and its investors, as the outcome will shape the path forward for Numeral Limited.



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