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Curro Holdings Limited’s Executive Trust Fuels Confidence with Recent Share Transactions

  • Curro Holdings Limited's Executive Long-Term Incentive Trust is actively involved in recent share dealings.
  • The trust has made acquisitions and transfers, showcasing confidence in Curro's growth prospects.
  • These transactions align with the company's strategy of incentivizing executives and fostering a culture of ownership.

Curro Holdings Limited, a prominent education company based in South Africa, has recently made significant moves in its share dealings through its Executive Long-Term Incentive Trust. This article delves into the details of these transactions, shedding light on their implications and significance.

Overview of Curro Holdings Limited

Curro Holdings Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) under the code COH, is a leading player in the education sector, providing a range of educational services to students across South Africa. The company’s commitment to quality education and innovative approaches has garnered it a strong reputation in the industry.

The Executive Long-Term Incentive Trust

The Executive Long-Term Incentive Trust is a mechanism used by Curro Holdings Limited to incentivize and reward its executives over the long term. This trust plays a crucial role in aligning the interests of executives with those of shareholders, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment.

Recent Share Dealings In recent days, the Executive Long-Term Incentive Trust has been actively involved in share dealings, both in terms of acquisitions and transfers. These transactions are governed by regulatory requirements and aim to enhance value for stakeholders while ensuring transparency and compliance.

Acquisition of Shares

The trust’s acquisition of Curro shares through on-market transactions reflects its confidence in the company’s prospects and long-term growth trajectory. The table below provides a summary of the recent acquisitions:

DateNumber of SharesPrice RangeTotal Value
12 April 2024273,650R10.40 – R10.50R2,867,740.76
15 April 2024676,350R10.50 – R10.85R7,265,329.15
16 April 20241,020,000R10.60 – R10.75R10,940,929.29

These acquisitions, totaling over R21 million, demonstrate the trust’s belief in Curro’s value proposition and future performance.

Transfer of Shares to Participants

Additionally, the trust facilitated the transfer of shares to participants of the Executive Long-Term Incentive Scheme, as part of options exercised by them. This off-market transaction, based on an after-tax net-equity settlement basis, underscores the commitment to rewarding executives for their contributions.

The following details the recent transfer transaction:

  • Date of Transaction: 12 April 2024
  • Number of Shares Transferred: 33,574
  • Price per Share: R nil (based on a share price of R11.00 per share)
  • Total Value: R369,314.00

This transfer mechanism not only incentivizes executives but also reinforces a culture of performance and accountability within Curro Holdings Limited.


Curro Holdings Limited’s Executive Long-Term Incentive Trust plays a pivotal role in incentivizing executives and aligning their interests with those of shareholders. The recent share dealings, including acquisitions and transfers, underscore the trust’s confidence in Curro’s future prospects and commitment to rewarding performance. These transactions carry implications for stakeholders and contribute to the overall dynamics of Curro’s presence in the financial markets.



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