Aylett & Coronation Acquire Substantial Stakes in WeBuyCars Holdings

  • Aylett & Company acquired 5% beneficial interest in WeBuyCars Holdings, signaling strategic investment and confidence.
  • Coronation Asset Management acquired 29.75% beneficial interest, showcasing belief in WeBuyCars' long-term value and growth.
  • These acquisitions impact shareholder perception, market dynamics, and WeBuyCars' financial landscape significantly, warranting close monitoring.

WeBuyCars Holdings Limited recently disclosed significant acquisitions of securities by Aylett & Company Proprietary Limited and Coronation Asset Management. These developments have implications not only for the company but also for investors and the broader financial market.

Importance of Securities Acquisitions

Securities acquisitions, especially when they result in substantial ownership stakes, are critical events in the corporate landscape. They reflect investor confidence, strategic positioning, and potential shifts in control or influence within the company.

Aylett & Company Proprietary Limited’s Acquisition

Aylett & Company has acquired a beneficial interest in WeBuyCars Holdings Limited, amounting to 5% of the total issued shares. This move signifies Aylett’s strategic investment in the company and its confidence in WeBuyCars’ future prospects.

Coronation Asset Management’s Acquisition

On the other hand, Coronation Asset Management, acting on behalf of its clients, has acquired a significant beneficial interest of 29.75% in WeBuyCars Holdings Limited. This sizable stake underscores Coronation’s belief in the company’s long-term value and growth potential.

Implications for Shareholders

Shareholders of WeBuyCars Holdings Limited are likely to react to these acquisitions in various ways. Some may view them positively, seeing them as validations of the company’s strength and potential for future growth. Others may scrutinize the implications on share prices, corporate governance, and shareholder rights.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

The disclosure of these acquisitions highlights the company’s adherence to regulatory requirements, specifically section 122(3)(b) of the Companies Act and paragraph 3.83(b) of the JSE Limited Listings Requirements. By filing the necessary notices with the Takeover Regulation Panel, WeBuyCars demonstrates its commitment to transparency and accountability.


The recent securities acquisitions by Aylett & Company Proprietary Limited and Coronation Asset Management in WeBuyCars Holdings Limited mark significant developments in the company’s journey. These acquisitions not only reflect investor confidence and strategic positioning but also have broader implications for shareholders, regulatory compliance, market perception, and financial dynamics. WeBuyCars’ response to these acquisitions and its ability to leverage them for sustainable growth will be closely watched by stakeholders in the finance and business sectors.

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