Burstone Shareholders’ Resounding Approval

  • Shareholders Overwhelmingly Approve: Over 88% of shareholders endorse Burstone Group Limited's 2023 Share Plan, showing strong support.
  • Directors’ Authority Backed: Shareholders show 89% approval for director authority, displaying trust in the company's leadership.
  • Robust Shareholder Engagement: A remarkable 62.20% of total shares were actively voted, highlighting strong shareholder involvement.
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In a significant show of unity and confidence, shareholders of Burstone Group Limited gathered electronically on September 28, 2023, and overwhelmingly approved all resolutions outlined in the Notice of General Meeting distributed earlier on August 31, 2023. The meeting, which saw an impressive 62.28% of total shares in issue being represented, demonstrated the shareholders’ faith in the company’s direction and leadership.

Shareholders Unite in Approval

A total of 501,289,516 voting shares, representing over 62% of the company’s total shares, were accounted for during the General Meeting. Shareholders expressed their overwhelming support for the Burstone 2023 Share Plan, with 88.09% (441,017,068 shares) voting in favour, underscoring their confidence in the company’s future strategies. This resounding approval reflects shareholders’ endorsement of Burstone Group Limited’s vision and their belief in the proposed plan’s potential to drive growth and value for all stakeholders.

Directors’ Authority Gains Overwhelming Support

Furthermore, shareholders expressed their confidence in the directors’ authority, with 89.18% (446,485,370 shares) voting in favour of empowering the company’s leadership. This robust support highlights the trust placed in the management team’s ability to steer Burstone Group Limited towards sustained success.

Reflecting Shareholders’ Confidence

The General Meeting’s outcomes were particularly encouraging, with only a minor 0.08% of the shares abstaining from the voting process, showcasing the shareholders’ active participation and engagement in the decision-making processes of the company. The total shares voted stood at an impressive 62.20% of the company’s ordinary shares, signifying a strong, united front among Burstone Group Limited’s investors.

The Share Plan, a pivotal part of the company’s strategic initiatives, received widespread endorsement, underlining the shareholders’ anticipation of positive outcomes from its implementation. With this vote of confidence, Burstone Group Limited is poised for a future marked by innovation, growth, and enhanced value creation for all its stakeholders.

Future Growth Prospects

The resounding support from the shareholders provides a solid foundation for Burstone Group Limited to pursue its strategic objectives with renewed vigour. The company, bolstered by this overwhelming mandate, is well-positioned to explore new avenues, invest in innovative ventures, and continue its legacy of excellence in the dynamic landscape of the South African business sphere.

The Board of Directors and the management express their gratitude for the shareholders’ unwavering support and confidence in the company’s vision. This significant mandate strengthens Burstone Group Limited’s resolve to pursue excellence and drive value for shareholders, employees, and the broader South African community.



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