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Afrimat Limited Expands Dominance with Acquisition of Lafarge South Africa

  • Afrimat Limited's acquisition of Lafarge South Africa boosts its presence in the construction materials sector.
  • The strategic rationale includes diversification, expansion, and entry into new markets like cement extenders.
  • Financial implications include increased revenue, improved profit margins, and market share growth in construction.

Afrimat Limited recently made headlines with its acquisition of Lafarge South Africa Holdings Proprietary Limited (LSA). This move marks a significant step in Afrimat’s growth strategy, expanding its presence in the construction materials sector and positioning itself for long-term sustainability and profitability.

Acquisition Details

The acquisition of Lafarge South Africa by Afrimat was finalized on April 10, 2024, following the fulfillment of all conditions precedent, including approval from the Competition Authorities in South Africa. Afrimat will acquire 100% of LSA’s issued share capital from Caricement B.V., a subsidiary of the Holcim Group.

Strategic Rationale

Andries van Heerden, CEO of Afrimat, highlighted the strategic rationale behind the acquisition. By diversifying Afrimat’s offerings in the construction materials space, expanding quarry and ready-mix operations nationally, and entering new markets such as the cement extender market, Afrimat aims to enhance its competitive position and drive long-term profitability.

Financial Implications

The acquisition of Lafarge South Africa is expected to have positive financial implications for Afrimat Limited. This includes increased revenue streams from expanded operations, synergies in production and distribution, and access to new markets and customers. These factors are likely to contribute to improved operating profit levels and overall financial performance.

Integration Process

Afrimat has appointed Pieter de Wit, the Chief Financial Officer, as the full-time Integration Manager for the acquisition. This demonstrates Afrimat’s commitment to a seamless integration process, leveraging the expertise and resources of both Afrimat and Lafarge SA to optimize efficiencies, productivity, and profitability.

Table: Financial Overview

RevenueR1 billionR1.5 billion
Operating Profit Margin15%18%
Market Share (Construction)20%25%
Earnings per Share (EPS) Growth8%12%

Figures are illustrative and based on projected outcomes.

Market Response

The market response to Afrimat’s acquisition of Lafarge South Africa has been positive, with analysts and investors acknowledging the strategic benefits and growth potential for Afrimat. Shareholders have shown confidence in Afrimat’s ability to leverage the acquisition for value creation and long-term sustainability.


Afrimat Limited’s acquisition of Lafarge South Africa represents a strategic move aimed at strengthening its position in the construction materials industry. With a focus on diversification, expansion, and operational efficiency, Afrimat is poised for sustained growth and enhanced financial performance. The successful completion of the acquisition underscores Afrimat’s commitment to delivering value to shareholders and stakeholders alike.



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