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Pepkor Holdings Limited Discloses Executive Share Rights Scheme Transactions

  • Pepkor Holdings Limited discloses significant transactions related to its Executive Share Rights Scheme, involving key directors and company personnel.
  • Acquisition of securities by RG Hanekom and acceptance of share rights by directors underscore company's commitment to reward talent.
  • Transactions comply with regulatory requirements, demonstrating Pepkor's commitment to transparency, governance, and shareholder value.

Pepkor Holdings Limited has recently disclosed significant transactions related to its Executive Share Rights Scheme. These transactions involve the acquisition of securities and the acceptance of share rights by key directors and company personnel. In this article, we delve into the details of these transactions, their implications, and the broader context within which they occur.

Acquisition of Securities

The acquisition of securities by RG Hanekom, an executive director of Pepkor, and director of Pepkor Trading, highlights a significant aspect of the company’s compensation structure. Through the vesting of awards in the Executive Share Rights Scheme, Hanekom acquired 429,606 ordinary shares on 5th March 2024. This off-market transaction underscores the company’s commitment to rewarding key personnel for their contributions.

Acceptance of Share Rights

Additionally, several directors and the company secretary accepted share rights granted under the Scheme. PJ Erasmus, RG Hanekom, and M Allie, holding executive positions within Pepkor and Pepkor Trading, accepted a total of 2,353,427 share rights. This acceptance, occurring on 7th March 2024, underscores the alignment of interests between key personnel and the company’s long-term performance.

Key Figures and Transactions:

Director/Company SecretarySecurities AcquiredTotal Rand Value (Net of Tax)
RG Hanekom429,606 ordinary sharesR8,003,559.78
PJ Erasmus1,405,943 share rightsR26,445,787.83
M Allie657,126 share rightsR12,360,540.06

Implications and Analysis

These transactions reflect Pepkor’s efforts to incentivize and retain top talent through equity-based compensation. By tying executive remuneration to the company’s performance, Pepkor aligns the interests of its leadership with those of its shareholders. Furthermore, the acceptance of share rights underscores the confidence of key personnel in Pepkor’s future prospects.

Performance Criteria and Vesting

The share rights granted under the Scheme are subject to a three-year performance period. Vesting is contingent upon the achievement of predefined performance criteria, ensuring that rewards are tied to the company’s strategic objectives and financial performance. This structure incentivizes sustained growth and value creation over the long term.

Regulatory Compliance

Pepkor’s disclosure of these transactions is in compliance with the JSE Listings Requirements, demonstrating the company’s commitment to transparency and regulatory adherence. Clearance was obtained as per the stipulated regulations, ensuring that the transactions are conducted in accordance with established guidelines and standards.


Pepkor Holdings Limited’s recent disclosure of transactions related to its Executive Share Rights Scheme sheds light on the company’s approach to executive compensation and corporate governance. By incentivizing key personnel through equity-based rewards and aligning their interests with long-term performance, Pepkor reinforces its commitment to driving shareholder value and sustainable growth. As regulatory compliance and transparency remain paramount, these transactions exemplify Pepkor’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of corporate conduct.



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