Investec Bank (Mauritius) Announces Dividend for Preference Shareholders

  • Investec Bank (Mauritius) Limited declares dividend number 30 for its preference shareholders.
  • Dividend amount: 1,268.48136 USD cents per share, converted to 23,772.98971 ZAR cents per share.
  • Important dates: Last day to trade cum-dividend is July 18, 2023; payment date is July 28, 2023.
Investec Bank

Investec Bank (Mauritius) Limited has announced the declaration of dividend number 30 for its Class IMRP5 redeemable cumulative non-participating no par value preference shares (“preference shares”). The dividend will be paid to eligible shareholders recorded in the company’s books as of the close of business on Friday, July 21, 2023.

Dividend Details

Notice is hereby given that preference dividend number 30 has been declared from retained earnings for the period from April 28, 2023, to and including July 27, 2023. The dividend amounts are as follows:

Dividend NumberPeriodDividend per Share (USD cents)Dividend per Share (ZAR cents)
30April 28, 2023 – July 27, 20231,268.4813623,772.98971

The dividend per share has been converted to ZAR cents using a ZAR/USD exchange rate of 18.74130 as of July 4, 2023.

Important Dates

Preference shareholders are advised to take note of the following important dates related to the payment of dividend number 30:

Last day to trade cum-dividendPreference Shares commence trading ex-dividendRecord datePayment date
Tuesday, July 18, 2023Wednesday, July 19, 2023Friday, July 21, 2023Friday, July 28, 2023

During the period from July 19, 2023, to July 21, 2023, both dates inclusive, preference share certificates may not be dematerialized or rematerialized.

Additional Information

Investec Bank (Mauritius) Limited provides the following additional information for shareholders:

  • The company’s tax reference number is: 25003203.
  • The total number of issued preference shares in Class IMRP5 is 55,000.
  • The dividend paid by the company is considered a foreign dividend and is subject to South African Dividend Tax (Dividend Tax) of 20%, resulting in 4,754.59794 ZAR cents per preference share.
  • Preference shareholders exempt from paying the Dividend Tax will receive a gross dividend of 23,772.98971 ZAR cents per preference share.
  • Preference shareholders not exempt from paying the Dividend Tax will receive a net dividend of 19,018.39177 ZAR cents per preference share.

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