Capitec Bank: Strong Earnings Amid Economic Challenges

  • Capitec Bank expects 8-10% growth in earnings per share for H1 2023 despite challenging economic conditions.
  • Tightened credit criteria and strong funeral plan income contribute to resilience in a tough economic climate.
  • The bank's transition to IFRS 17 underscores its commitment to international accounting standards and transparency in reporting.

Capitec Bank Holdings Limited, a stalwart in South Africa’s banking sector, has issued a voluntary trading statement that paints an encouraging picture amidst a backdrop of economic challenges. The bank anticipates robust earnings growth for the six months ending on August 31, 2023, despite facing headwinds in the form of inflation and interest rate hikes.

Strong Earnings Growth

The standout feature of Capitec’s trading statement is its projection of earnings per share (EPS) growth. The bank expects group headline earnings per share to land between 4,035 cents and 4,110 cents per share for the first half of 2023. This represents a noteworthy increase of 8% to 10% compared to the restated earnings for the same period in 2022. Moreover, group earnings per share are also set to experience growth in the range of 8% to 10%, with expected figures between 4,037 cents and 4,112 cents per share.

These optimistic figures underscore Capitec’s resilience and ability to navigate challenging economic waters effectively. Despite the adverse macroeconomic conditions that have affected consumers and businesses alike, the bank appears well-positioned to thrive.

Navigating Economic Challenges

South Africa’s economic landscape during this period has been characterized by inflation rates that have surpassed the government’s targets and interest rate hikes that persisted until June 2023. These factors have led to increased financial strain on consumers, which, in turn, impacted retail bank loans and advances, resulting in a higher credit impairment charge and credit loss ratio.

In response to these challenges, Capitec Bank took proactive measures to mitigate risk. During the first six months of 2023, the bank further tightened its credit granting criteria to address the potential risks in its loan book, which were amplified by the unfavorable economic conditions. As of August 31, 2023, the provisions for expected credit losses have been described as conservative, indicating a prudent approach to risk management.

Positive Earnings Contributors

Amidst the challenging economic backdrop, certain factors have positively influenced Capitec’s earnings growth. Two noteworthy contributors are net transaction fee income and funeral plan income.

  1. Net Transaction Fee Income: The bank reported strong performance in net transaction fee income, driven by growth in transaction volumes and the introduction of new products. This success is indicative of Capitec’s ability to adapt to changing customer preferences and offer products that resonate with their needs.
  2. Funeral Plan Income: The active funeral plan book witnessed growth, thanks to high sales and client retention, coupled with strong collection rates. This performance in the funeral insurance segment highlights the bank’s ability to provide value-added services to its customers.

Implementation of IFRS 17

Capitec’s trading statement also touched on the implementation of the IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts standard. The bank made this transition on March 1, 2023, which required the restatement of the group’s earnings and headline earnings per share for the first half of 2022. Adjustments to the carrying amounts of assets or liabilities that occurred prior to the 2023 financial year were recognized as adjustments to retained earnings on March 1, 2022.

This transition underscores Capitec’s commitment to adhering to international accounting standards and ensuring transparency in its financial reporting.

Upcoming Financial Results

South African investors and stakeholders can look forward to the official release of Capitec Bank’s financial results for the six months ending on August 31, 2023. These results are expected to be published on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) on or about September 28, 2023. The publication of these results will provide a more comprehensive view of the bank’s performance during this challenging period.

Livestreamed Presentation

Capitec Bank plans to share its financial results with the public through a livestreamed presentation, scheduled for approximately 8 am SAST on September 28, 2023. This event is an opportunity for investors and interested parties to gain insights directly from the bank’s leadership regarding its performance and strategies moving forward. Further details about the livestreaming event, including the link to access it, will be made available on Capitec’s website.



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