Medical Insurance

Excess Waiver Explained

In many circumstances, insurance policies do not cover the entire amount due in the event of a covered incident. As a result, you must pay the remaining amount to cover the outstanding balance of a covered incident. For example, a car insurance policy will pay 70% of the losses caused by a car accident, and[…]

CompCare Wellness medical scheme review 2022

Healthcare consumers always face the hassle of choosing an appropriate medical aid plan for themselves, considering the vast number of options on the market. For the past 2 months, our team has been conducting research on the medical scheme market and reviewing some of the available medical schemes, such as the one under review in[…]

Genesis Medical Scheme Review 2022

Genesis medical scheme has always featured as one of the most affordable private healthcare schemes in South Africa. Since its establishment in 1995, the scheme has managed to build a reputable track record of having intimate understanding of private healthcare. Getting a medical aid policy is surely the right decision you can make to take[…]

FedHealth Medical Scheme Review 2022

FedHealth medical scheme is one of the fast growing open medical schemes in South Africa. As from 1 August 2019, the Council for Medical Schemes approved its amalgamation with Topmed leaving FedHealth with some of Topmed’s members. Gathering from the reviews on Hello Peter, FedHealth has managed to retain Topmed’s former members, providing them with[…]

Momentum Healthcare Review 2022

The Momentum group’s footprints can be traced back to 1966, when the company shook the financial sector industry by exciting growth and takeovers. The financial sector couldn’t help it but to notice this vigorously growing company.  The company became known as ‘Momentum’ in 1973 after the acquisition of ‘Momentum Assurance Corporation’. Apart from that, strategic[…]

Guidelines on how to pick a Medical Aid Plan in South Africa

A significant number of South Africans are on a medical scheme but very few of us really understand the products we are paying for and how they really work. Research from Health Bridge, a company dedicated to transforming the healthcare market, found that medical savings start running out by May, and by December about 60%[…]

Complete guide to medical schemes

Medical schemes form part of many South Africans’ insurance products because of their long term health benefits that work better than health insurance. Medical schemes have been in existence for some time now. To understand how medical schemes work, we first have to go back in history to know how they came about in South[…]

Bestmed’s Pulse range review 2022

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a medical scheme is ‘affordability’. The Bestmed’s Pulse 1 premiums are determined by your personal income; hence, the monthly premiums tend to be affordable for members. The Pulse range has two options, and both are for members who are prepared to use the scheme’s Designated Service[…]

Bestmed Beat plan medical scheme review 2022

The Bestmed Beat series of plans comprise of four medical aid plans the Beat 1, Beat 2, Beat 3 and the Beat 4 option. The Bestmed Beat plan category best suits young individuals who are looking for an extensive in-hospital cover with fringe benefits. In this overview, we will look closely at the Bestmed’s Beat[…]

Bestmed review 2022

It is a non-profit, member-owned medical scheme that is registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. It is owned by its members. They have been providing good health care to a lot of South Africans for more than 54 years now. In the South African medical aid scheme business, there are about 80 companies registered[…]

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