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Sanlam Credit Life cover review 2022

Credit life insurance has become one of the most essential types of insurance in the world. With Sanlam’s addition of credit life insurance to its personal product line, it has become evident that credit life insurance is a product to be reckoned with. The Sanlam credit life cover protects the policyholder and his or her[…]

Investec Life Insurance Review 2022

The Investec Life cover gives you comprehensive life insurance as well as the ability to preserve your assets after you die. One might receive coverage to ensure that all of his or her family’s wants and aspirations are fulfilled. It gives you the ability to protect your belongings, your children’s education, and more. Investec Life[…]

Discovery pays out over R2bn in Group Risk claims

The Discovery group risk benefits include life insurance, global coverage for employees’ children’s education, severe illness coverage, lump-sum and monthly disability protection, and burial insurance. According to Discovery, the surge in claims is a direct result of the COVID 19 pandemic’s impact on death and morbidity. He also stated that Discovery is one of the[…]

Auto and General Life Insurance Review 2022

Auto and General Life insurance is a type of life insurance that protects your loved ones in the event of your death. Auto and General life insurance has been around for decades; as a result, you can expect dependable services that look out for your and your family’s best interests. Any South African between the[…]

Dial Direct Life Insurance Review 2022

Life insurance should be regarded as one of the most valuable gifts you can provide to your loved ones. Beating about the bush will not help you safeguard the future of a loved one. There are other investment vehicles available, such as annuities and retirement income, but none of them outperform inflation like life insurance.[…]

Budget Insurance Life Insurance Review 2022

Your loved ones don’t have to struggle financially should you pass away. Getting a life insurance policy can be an answer to your life worries. Life insurance is a product that ensures that your loved ones are financially stable should you pass on.  Budget Insurance can help you with your life insurance needs so that[…]

Momentum Golden Living Annuity Review 2022

Many South Africans aspire to retire with a monthly income. Knowing when to retire necessitates a high level of attention to detail. It is necessary to begin saving for retirement at a young age. This implies you should begin planning for your retirement while you are still young, or you risk losing financial freedom in[…]

1st for Women limited review 2022

1st for Women is an Insurance company that offers short-term insurance and long term insurance in South Africa. 1st for Women provides insurance solutions specifically for women. The company has won multiple awards because of its products that furthered the needs of women in insurance. 1st For Women insurance was founded in 2004 to provide[…]

What you need to know before signing up for a life insurance policy in 2022

Obtaining life insurance is one of the most pleasurable experiences one may have in life. Before you rush into purchasing a life insurance policy that you believe you require urgently, you should take a step back and make some adjustments. As an adult, you want to protect your financial holdings and provide for the people[…]

1st For Women life insurance review 2022

1st For Women offers a life insurance policy that is specifically designed for women. The company started business in 2004 as a motor vehicle insurer for women. 1st for women would then add life insurance to its portfolio of products. Today, 1st for Women relies on its marketing approach to deliver exceptional services to its[…]

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