Average Pilots salary in South Africa 2023

Average Pilot salary

The average pilots salary is R31,546.00 per month in South Africa. Due to the level of proficiency required for the profession, pilots are at the very core of the aviation sector, and their salary is merited. A pilot’s employment offers a variety of benefits and flexible hours.

In South Africa, bonuses for pilots can range from R5,000 to R146,000 yearly. Pilots can also receive commissions, which may total up to R25,000.00 a year. Each employer offers different benefits, and some companies might not offer all of the benefits but only a few.

The aforementioned performance benefits are likely to result in employer benefits for commercial pilots. Medical insurance, dental care, and vision care are examples of employer benefits, to which the employer can contribute up to 65% of the cost of the premium.

Since being a pilot has several benefits, a pilot’s salary will vary according to their level of experience, which includes the number of flight hours. Below, we examine the various average wages for pilots in South Africa in 2023. 

Average Pilots salary with 0 – 1 year of work experience in 2023

An average salary of a Pilot with 0 to 1 year of working experience is R250,182.00 per year. Except for the 1500 flight hours required by the FAA to become a Pilot, there is no level of experience necessary for this salary, which is considered an entry-level salary.

The lowest-paid Pilots in this group are those with 0 years of experience; they can earn as little as R18,000.00 a month. Pilots in this category with one year of flying experience receive the highest salary, reaching R30,000.00 per month. 

Average Pilots salary with 2 years of work experience in 2023

The salary of a Pilot with 2 years of work experience in South Africa is R33,500.00 per month in 2023. This constitutes a 37% increase from the average salary of those with 0 – 1 year of work experience. 

At this level, employer contributions are also possible. Contributions from employers may go toward a living annuity, a medical assistance plan, a provident fund, and more. The airline that a Pilot works for will determine the employer’s contributions. If one has chosen to participate in any pension benefit and/or health insurance, their net salary will also be affected.

Average Pilots salary with 3 to 5 years of work experience in 2023

An average salary of a Pilot with 3 to 5 years of work experience is R43,100.00 per month. This is a 29% increase in salary over pilots with only 2 years of experience. For pilots who fly passenger airliners, education level is very important.

The lowest salary for this category is R29,900.00 per month, which is what a Pilot with 3 years of work experience is likely to earn. A Pilot with 4 years of work experience can earn anything from R31,000 to R41,000 a month.

Pilots with 5 years of professional experience earn the most money in this group. Pilots with 5 years of work experience can earn up to R48,500 in salary. In 2023, the lowest salary that a pilot with 5 years of work experience can earn is R34,000.

Average Pilots salary with 6 – 10 years of work experience in 2023

The average salary of Pilots with 6 to 10 years of working experience is R59,500.00 in South Africa. The monthly salary represents 38% of the average salary of Pilots with 3 to 5 years of work experience. A degree or postgraduate degree can further increase the salary for Pilots who fall below this threshold. 

The least paid Pilots are those with 6 to 7 years of working experience in this group. Those with 6 to 7 years of working experience can expect to earn an average salary of R51,600.00 per month. Contributions by employees to medical and retirement savings are likely to decrease their salary. 

Pilots with 10 years of experience are likely to earn the highest salaries in this group. A pilot with 10 years of professional experience can earn up to R67,300.00 per month in salary. With 10 years of work experience, the lowest monthly salary that can be earned is R56,000. 

Average Pilots salary with 11 – 15 years of work experience in 2023

The average salary of Pilots with 11 to 15 years of work experience is R73,700.00 per month. This average monthly salary reflects a 24% increase above the average monthly salary for Pilots with 6 to 10 years of experience in the field.

Pilots with 15 years of work experience can earn a monthly salary of more than R80,000.00, making them the highest earners in this category. Pilots with 11 years of experience can earn less than R70,000.00 per month in salary. 

Average Pilots salary with 16 – 20 years of work experience in 2023

The average salary of Pilots with 16 to 20 years of work experience is R78,900 per month. The salary represents a 7% average salary increase from the salaries of Pilots with 11 to 15 years of work experience. Salaries in this threshold also come with bonuses and commissions which can increase yearly salaries to over R1 million. 

Pilots with over 20 years of work experience can get a monthly salary of R100,000.00 before bonuses. With bonuses, their annual salary can reach R1.5 million before deductions. 


Pilots make a lot of money each month, and to become qualified pilots, they have to go through a lot of training. Before one can become a qualified pilot, one must complete at least 1500 flying hours, which can be achieved over a two-year period. Despite the extensive training and knowledge needed, being a pilot is one of South Africa’s top 5 highest-paying careers.

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