Whistle Inn Hits Market!

South Africa’s Historic Pig & Whistle Inn Hits Market!

  • Historic Offering: The Pig & Whistle Inn, South Africa’s oldest continuously licensed pub dating back to 1832, is up for sale in Bathurst. The property, rich in history and charm, includes a variety of components like a hotel, bar, restaurant, function area, and additional rental shops, contributing to its unique appeal.
  • Unique Features and Attractions: The inn boasts original features such as wooden beams, parquet flooring, Victorian-style baths, and a stained glass door, adding to its character. Its location in Bathurst, a popular destination for various events and activities, attracts a diverse range of visitors, including tourists and locals, making it a vibrant hub.
  • Investment Opportunities: Alongside the main property, additional offerings include a 380ha game and pineapple farm (Lushington Valley Reserve) and a separate tenanted building adjacent to the inn. These present diverse investment prospects for potential buyers looking to invest in historical, commercial, or agricultural ventures in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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