ACSA Tightens Festive Season Hand Luggage Rules for Safety

  • ACSA’s Reinforced Hand Luggage Rules: ACSA (Airport Company South Africa) has introduced enhanced hand luggage regulations ahead of the festive season. These rules aim to govern the carriage of hand baggage across their airport network, focusing on identifying non-compliant items among travelers before they reach security checkpoints.
  • Focus on Passenger Safety and Efficiency: The primary goal behind these regulations is to prioritize passenger safety and streamline airport operations. ACSA emphasizes the importance of these measures in not only efficiently managing increased traveler traffic during the festive period but also in combating criminal activities, ensuring a seamless and secure airport experience.
  • Detailed Regulations and Compliance Requirements: The article details specific regulations regarding hand baggage allowances, including dimensions, weight limits, and exceptions for different passenger classes. ACSA stresses strict enforcement of these rules and the necessity for travelers to comply with them to avoid inconveniences or potential flight delays.

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