RTMC Unveils 2023/24 Festive Road Safety Plan: Critical Routes!

  • Enhanced Road Safety Measures: The RTMC has unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at bolstering road safety during South Africa’s 2023/24 festive season, focusing on critical routes prone to accidents and violations. This initiative involves increased police presence, strategic roadblocks, and 24/7 vigilance to curb reckless driving behaviors like speeding, drinking and driving, and vehicle defects.
  • Alarming Road Fatality Statistics: The article highlights concerning road fatality figures during previous festive seasons, with a distressing average of 34 motorists losing their lives each day during this period. Analysis of fatal road crashes over the last five years indicates five provinces, including Gauteng and Eastern Cape, contributing significantly to over 70% of these fatalities.
  • Identification of High-Risk Routes: The RTMC identifies and emphasizes critical routes that have witnessed a high number of fatal crashes over the past five years, including the R573 Moloto Road in Mpumalanga, the N2 in the Eastern Cape, and the R71 in Limpopo. This information underscores the focus areas for law enforcement to mitigate road accidents and fatalities.

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