ETH whales added Polygon (MATIC), amid a 60% price increase in the previous week

After experiencing a significant decline over the previous month, the global cryptocurrency market is now showing signs of widespread recovery. This has caused the Polygon (MATIC) token to see a tremendous increase of 60% during the last week. However, despite this price increase, the biggest Ethereum (ETH) whale wallets have been acquiring the MATIC token.[…]

Polygon and others lend support to Terra blockchain projects

These initiatives will undoubtedly aid in the recovery of numerous Terra projects following last week’s catastrophic tragedy.Following the Terra (LUNA) collapse, many developers have been left in the woods. These Terra-based projects, which are already under tremendous strain, may be able to save their communities and projects by transferring to other networks. Polygon Studios’ CEO[…]

ApeCoin merges with Polygon amid NFT mint backlash

Yat Siu, an ApeCoin DAO board member, stated that there is presently “no discussion” about an exclusive chain for APE.Following the recent Yuga Labs’ Otherdeeds nonfungible token (NFT) minting issue, which fueled speculation about a new chain for APE, ApeCoin (APE) revealed its integration with Ethereum (ETH) sidechain Polygon (MATIC). Yuga Labs, the developers of[…]

Polygon introduces ‘Supernet’ chains and pledges R1.6bn to Web3 developers

The layer-2 scaling solution continues to move its focus to Web3, a wide notion referring to the blockchain-powered internet.Scalability solution for Ethereum Polygon has established a new Web3 development network, giving ($100 million) R 1.6bn to early adopters who can help accelerate acceptance. According to the business, the Polygon Supernet chain allows developers to build their[…]

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