Malls in South Africa

Hyprop and Redefine Secure Key Malls in South Africa

  • Strategic Acquisitions Approved: The Competition Commission has given the go-ahead for the acquisition of Table Bay Mall in Cape Town by Hyprop and Mall of the South in Johannesburg by Redefine, signaling strategic moves in the South African retail sector.
  • Growth Potential and Residential Development: Hyprop’s acquisition of Table Bay Mall is driven by its recognition of the mall’s strong growth potential, particularly fueled by residential development in the Western Cape. Similarly, Redefine’s full takeover of Mall of the South aligns with their long-term strategy in the super-regional retail space.
  • Competition Commission Approval: In both transactions, the Competition Commission has reviewed and approved the acquisitions, citing no substantial impact on competition or public interest concerns. This paves the way for the Competition Tribunal’s anticipated unconditional approval, marking a positive outlook for the South African commercial property sector.

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