NEAR Foundation collaborates with Kenya Sankore to develop the Kenyan blockchain community

Sankore, a Kenya-based blockchain community, has teamed with the Swiss nonprofit NEAR Foundation to establish a regional hub aimed at developing talent in the region and building projects to improve the local ecosystem. Sankore supports initiatives such as Kilimo Shwari, a blockchain-based insurance policy that assists farmers in the event of natural disasters. Aside from[…]

Decentralization ‘crucial’ in the development of crypto capital markets

Sang Lee argues that while blockchain technology advancements have already left traditional banks in the dust, adoption remains relatively low due to a number of variables.If crypto capital markets have a chance of becoming an institutional reality, decentralization will be one of the main components according to one industry insider. Capital markets bring together suppliers[…]

Green finance in need of functioning voluntary carbon markets

Carbon markets convert CO2 emissions into a commodity or tradable item by assigning a monetary value to them. These markets will benefit from the blockchain and smart contracts.The United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, catalyzed a commitment to carbon neutrality, which requires cutting emissions as much as feasible and balancing[…]

Economic models on crypto adoption to be run on Quantum computing

The industry may only have ten years or less to develop defenses against quantum computers capable of breaking elliptic curve cryptography. According to numerous sources, quantum computing (QC), which employs atomic “spin” rather than an electrical charge to encode binary 1’s and 0’s, is advancing at an exponential rate. If QC is ever implemented on[…]

Polygon introduces ‘Supernet’ chains and pledges R1.6bn to Web3 developers

The layer-2 scaling solution continues to move its focus to Web3, a wide notion referring to the blockchain-powered internet.Scalability solution for Ethereum Polygon has established a new Web3 development network, giving ($100 million) R 1.6bn to early adopters who can help accelerate acceptance. According to the business, the Polygon Supernet chain allows developers to build their[…]

The Web3 initiative Reli3f has raised more than $1.5 million for Ukrainian humanitarian efforts.

The project, which was founded in the days following the conflict’s outbreak, has received widespread praise from the Web3 community for its conscientious intentions.Reli3f, a humanitarian initiative founded on the innate artistic commitment to telling stories in times of adversity, launched its second nonfungible token (NFT) collection on Thursday, raising over $300,000 (R4.4 mil) for[…]

Crypto Twitter respond as the Russian government updates the finalized cryptocurrency bill

Russia’s finance ministry shared with the government the amended and finalized crypto bill, which recommends using cryptocurrencies as legal tender.The Russian Ministry of Finance (MinFin) has finalized a draft bill titled “On Digital Currency” and has submitted it to the Russian government for approval to become law. The draft federal law clarifies regulations governing cryptocurrency[…]

Bitstamp asks users to update their crypto source for regulatory purposes

Bitstamp is now requiring users to provide their nationality and place of birth as well as proof of their annual income. Bitstamp, a major cryptocurrency exchange with users all over the world, is stepping up its compliance efforts by asking for more information about their wealth. For regulatory reasons, Bitstamp has requested that customers update[…]

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