Hard times might not yet be over for Bitcoin Holders

The Bitcoin long-term holding SOPR (EMA 30) trend may indicate that BTC holders will experience more pain in the coming months. SOPR, a Bitcoin long-term holder, recently fell below “one.” If history is any guide, BTC investors may be in for a frustrating few months, according to an analyst in a CryptoQuant post. The “spent[…]

Swiss Luxury Brand Hublot accepts Bitcoin payments

Hublot, a Swiss watchmaker, and Tram Line 42 in Prague are two of the most recent entities to accept digital assets as payment. By partnering with the bitcoin payment service provider BitPay, the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot enabled its customers to purchase certain limited products in cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Prague City Tourism collaborated with Global Payments[…]

Bitcoin could surge to R368K if prices break

Bitcoin is trading above the R328k mark versus the US dollar. If there is a clear move above the R340K resistance zone, BTC might surge. Bitcoin is still solidly supported above R320K and R328k. The price has now risen beyond the R328k mark as well as the 100 hourly simple moving average. On the hourly[…]

Bitcoin miners compelled to sell to meet operating expenses

Bitcoin miners are selling their gains to cover rising operating costs. Miners can no longer afford to HODL as electricity prices continue to rise and Bitcoin continues to fall.    Data shows, the sell-off trend began in early 2022. Experts speculated at the time that miners liquidated their profits because they expected Bitcoin to continue declining.[…]

Vitalik Buterin attacks the Bitcoin pricing model

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, has taken aim at the contentious Bitcoin price model Stock-To-Flow (S2F). Buterin believes the strategy is “not looking good” and has openly attacked it for providing cryptocurrency investors with a “false sense of certainty.” According to Buterin, this creates the illusion that Bitcoin will always move upward. As evidenced[…]

Deloitte and NYDIG form a partnership to promote Bitcoin

Deloitte, a Big 4 auditing firm, has struck a strategic alliance with NYDIG to make Bitcoin (BTC) a more accessible digital currency for all. According to Deloitte, the agreement will make it simple for businesses of all sizes to integrate Bitcoin services by leveraging NYDIG’s infrastructure. Companies that use the onboarding path offered by this[…]

Bitcoin Miners reduce selling

Bitcoin miners appear to have slowed their unloading of tokens, indicating that some selling pressure on the token may have subsided.Bitcoin prices have stabilized around R319K after falling as low as R285K in the previous week. The token now appears to consider R319K to be a support level. The majority of this drop was also[…]

Bitcoin rises back above R336k, after falling under 272k

Bitcoin has returned to the R336K area, giving investors some hope. The cryptocurrency market sell-off dropped the price of the first cryptocurrency below its all-time high in 2017, putting immense pressure on the whole market. The market did not anticipate such a dramatic drop, especially below the “unbreakable” R304K support, but BTC is again back[…]

Canada’s Purpose Bitcoin (BTC) ETF sheds half of its holdings in one day

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced strong selling over the weekend, with the BTC price plummeting all the way to R288K. Since then, Bitcoin has regained more than 10% and is now hovering around the R320K mark.Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of crypto exchange 100x, reports that Canada’s Purpose Bitcoin (BTC) ETF sold a stunning 24,500 BTC by Friday’s[…]

Bitcoin (BTC) long-term holders finally selling off: Report

The price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, fell below R289K for the first time this weekend. Long-term Bitcoin holders have begun selling off their holdings in high volumes. Glassnode’s on-chain data shows that every day for the last three days, R38.7 billion of Bitcoin has been liquidated. According to the source of the[…]

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