Top 9 Funeral Plans in South Africa today

A funeral plan is a financial tool that a person can use to ensure that he or she and their loved ones are properly buried. A funeral plan relieves the financial burden placed on those left behind and assists individuals in planning their funerals while they are still alive.

Funerals in South Africa are expensive, ranging from R10,000.00 to R100,000.00. No one wants to part with so much money all at once, so investing in a funeral plan can solve this problem. Funeral plans are inexpensive, with some starting as low as R35.00 per month.

In South Africa, there are two ways to invest in a funeral plan. Contributions can be made directly into a funeral cover package, to which family members can be added. The second option is to purchase a life insurance policy with a funeral benefit from a long-term insurer.

You should give careful thought to how you go about getting a funeral plan. We have listed and discussed the 9 Best Funeral Plans in South Africa to assist you in deciding which funeral plan to join. The plans are not listed in any particular order. Explore our list below to help you make the best decision before purchasing a funeral plan.

  1. Assupol Funeral Plan

Assupol’s funeral plan offering consists of four products. Because each product has its own set of advantages, customers must exercise caution when selecting a product. However, the products available have more to do with how customers go about making an application for the products than with the benefits that come with the products.


The first product offering is the “instantFuneral” which is available online. Policyholders get covered immediately after successfully completing the 5 steps of getting the funeral cover. Clients can, however, select their cover date, which is the date on which they want their coverage to begin.

Benefits of the instantFuneral Funeral Plan

  • Policyholders have the option of increasing their premiums by up to 10% per year, which will result in their coverage keeping up with inflation because the cover amount will also grow.
  • The policy includes an instant accidental death benefit.
  • Policyholders can supplement their funeral plan with additional benefits such as a premium waiver, a cashback benefit, and more.
  • At an additional cost, family members can be added to the funeral plan.

Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan

Customers can get insured for up to R75,000.00 with the Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan, which can be processed for you over the phone. The main member, his or her spouse, and up to five children can all be added to the funeral plan. 

Benefits of the Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan

  • The plan comes with instant accidental cover of R5,000.00 until the policy starts. 
  • Premiums can be increased by up to 10% for your policy to catch up with inflation. 
  • Other benefits can be added to the Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan at an additional cost to enhance the policy. 

Excellence Family Funeral Plan

The Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan is available in person, where clients can meet with Assupol representatives to discuss the funeral plan options. The Excellence Family Funeral Plan is intended for families, and policyholders can obtain coverage for their children, stillborn and newborn babies, and other dependents.

The policyholder and his or her spouse are covered for up to R100,000, with dependents receiving a maximum of R75,000.00. The funeral plan premiums start at R70.00.

Benefits of the Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan

  • Policyholders can include all their dependents. 
  • Children can be covered for their whole life even after reaching 21 years. 
  • Premiums on the plan are low especially for those that are still in their youth. 
  • There are no medical questions. 
  • Accidental death is covered immediately by the policy. 

Cornerstone Pensioner Plan

The cornerstone pensioner plan is a funeral plan for South Africans who receive government grants. This plan is designed to assist those over the age of 60 in obtaining low-cost funeral coverage. Members of the plan have the option to cancel the plan at any time without giving notice.

At an additional cost, the policyholder’s spouse and children can be covered. The premiums for the cornerstone pensioner plan begin at R70.00 per month. The policyholder can also add additional benefits such as a tombstone benefit, family care benefit, and more. 

  1. Clientele Funeral Plan

Clientele provides some of the most well-structured funeral plans available in the South African market. The Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan and the Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan are available from the company. The summary of each plan available from Clientele is provided below.

Funeral Dignity Plan

Policyholders can add up to 13 people to the funeral dignity plan. The funeral dignity plan, unlike the ultimate dignity plan, does not include a pre-installed premium payback benefit. The funeral dignity plan, on the other hand, has a higher minimum payout than the ultimate dignity plan.

The plan has an R25,000.00 minimum payout and R100,000.00 maximum payout. Premiums start at R250.00 per month and vary depending on the amount of coverage selected.

Benefits of the Funeral Dignity Plan:

  • The cover comes with an automatic airtime benefit of R200.00 to help beneficiaries to prepare for the funeral arrangements. 
  • R2000.00 unveiling benefit that comes at no additional cost. 
  • R3000.00 grocery benefit that comes at no additional cost. 
  • If the main member dies accidentally, the payout amount is doubled. 

Ultimate Dignity Plan

The Clientele Ultimate Dignity plan is a funeral plan that allows the policyholder to cover up to 13 people on a single policy. The ultimate dignity plan includes an automatic premium payback benefit for the primary member, which reimburses some of the premiums. The premium payback benefit has a 6-month waiting period.

The cover for the Ultimate Dignity Plan starts at R20,000.00 and has a maximum cover amount of R100,000.00. The plan’s monthly premiums begin at R270.00.

Benefits of the Ultimate dignity plan 

  • Comes with airtime benefit of which R200.00 airtime is availed when a member passes on. 
  • It has a R3000.00 grocery benefit. 
  • Comes with a transport benefit of R2000.00. 
  • It has an unveiling benefit of R2000.00
  1. Liberty Funeral Cover

The Liberty Funeral plan is available for R40.00 per month. The maximum cover for the principal life assured is R100,000, and the same amount applies to the life of his or her spouse. Beneficiaries, who can include children, parents, and extended family members, can be added to the funeral plan.

Benefits of the Liberty Funeral Cover

  • At the age of 65 you don’t have to make any further premium payments. 
  • Comes with a cashback bonus of 10% back after 5 years. 
  • Extended family members can be covered. 
  • The minimum premium is low. 
  1. Sanlam Funeral Cover

The Sanlam Funeral plan has a monthly premium of R56.00, which is one of the lowest premiums listed on this article. The funeral policy allows the primary member to include children under the age of 21 at no extra cost.

Sanlam Funeral Cover does not require any medical examinations or blood tests, and you are covered for accidental death as soon as you pay your first premium. The maximum cover amount under the Sanlam Funeral Plan is R100,000.00. 

  1. 1life Funeral Cover

1life Funeral Cover comes in two ways. The covers available include:

1life Essential Funeral Benefit

This funeral plan can accommodate up to 16 people on a single plan, including yourself, your spouse, up to four children, and ten extended family members. For each funeral cover policy, the maximum cover amount for the essential funeral benefit is R50,000.00. 

Benefits of the 1life Essential Funeral Benefit:

  • You can top up to get other benefits such as grocery benefits, cashback benefits, and more. 
  • The cover is immediate for accidental death after the receipt of the first premium. 
  • There is a possibility of continuation of the policy if the main member dies. 
  • Includes burial repatriation service for any life assured on the policy. 

1life Pure Life Plus Cover

This cover is for those who want to combine their life insurance with a funeral insurance policy. The 1life pure life plus cover has a maximum cover amount of R50,000.00 and can be combined with a life insurance policy worth up to R10,000,000.00.

Benefits of 1life Pure Life Plus Cover

  • No waiting period. 
  • Fixed premiums for the first 12 months. 
  • Other funeral benefits include a R5000.00 memorial and R6000.00 grocery benefit. 
  • Clients can save up to 28% in premiums. 
  • There are no medical examinations. 
  1. Metropolitan Funeral Cover

Metropolitan Funeral Cover starts at R40.00 per month and has a maximum cover of R80,000.00. The policyholder can include up to 20 family members in one plan. Extensive family members are covered up to R50,000.00.

Claims on the Metropolitan Funeral Cover can be made online, and successful claims can be paid out within 24 hours. Money from the funeral cover can be used for funeral arrangements and any other necessities that the beneficiaries deem necessary.

Benefits of the Metropolitan Funeral Cover:

  • The cover is available for the policy holder’s children. 
  • Comes with a cashback benefit of 2 premiums back after the first 12 months and 6 premiums back after every 36 months thereof.
  • Comes with the transportation benefit that allows for the transportation of the deceased person’s body to the place of burial within South Africa. 
  • Premiums increase so that the payout can cope with inflation. 
  • Premiums can be skipped during tough times such as in the time of job loss. Your policy will remain active. 
  1. Avbob Funeral Cover

Avbob’s funeral coverage insures over 7 million lives. The Avbob Funeral Cover premiums start at R200.00 per month, and clients can receive discounts on funerals worth up to R4000.00.

Benefits of the Avbob Funeral Cover

  • Comes with a cashback whereby you get your 5th year’s premiums back. 
  • Has a 6 months premium holiday in the event that the policy premium payer is retrenched. 
  • Comes with a tombstone benefit of up to R17.500.00.
  1. Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Old Mutual has three funeral plan options, each of which serves a different purpose. EasiPlus Funeral plan, funeral plan range, and Old Mutual family and extended family funeral cover are among the funeral plans available. 

Contributions on the EasiPlus funeral plan start from R29.00 per month and R31.00 per month for the funeral plan range. Old Mutual protect the family and extended family funeral cover premiums are largely dependent on the number of people who will be on the cover. 

The maximum age for the covers is 84 years old, and all the covers come with a premium holiday. The maximum cover for both the EasiPlus Funeral Plan and the Funeral Plan range is R70,000.00. Old Mutual Protect Family and Extended Family has a maximum cover of R100,000.00.

  1. Hollard Funeral Plan

To round out our top 9, we have the Hollard Funeral plan, which is available to people aged 18 to 75. The plan is intended for South African citizens or South Africa permanent residents. The price ranges from R10,000.00 to R75,000.00.

Benefits of the Hollard Funeral Plan

  • Comes with legal assistance for legal advice. 
  • There is a R250.00 airtime benefit that is paid immediately when the life insured passes away. 
  • Comes with burial repatriation. 
  • There are optional benefits that can be added to the policy such as money-back benefit, monthly provider benefit and more. 


A funeral plan is one type of assurance solution that anyone can use. There is no need to struggle with funeral arrangements or burial; instead, obtain funeral coverage that meets your needs and those of your family.

Top 9 Funeral Plans in South Africa today

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