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Standard Bank Student Achiever Account Review 2023

Standard Bank Student Achiever

The Standard Bank student achiever account is a transactional account available to students aged 16 to 24 who are enrolled in a recognised institution. For those studying full-time, there is no minimum amount required, but those studying part-time must earn less than R3,000.00 per month.

The monthly service fee for the Standard Bank student achiever is R10.50. Monthly service fees of R70.00 per month are required for those over the age of 23. The account includes free access to digital platforms.

Standard Bank student achiever includes R1,000.00 in free Standard Bank ATM cash withdrawals. Depositing cash at a Standard Bank ATM is also free up to R1,500.00.

The Standard Bank student achiever comes with 10 free electronic debit transactions per month. Cash withdrawals with retail purchases, electronic inter-account transfers, and prepaid airtime purchases are examples of free electronic debit transactions.

The Standard Bank Student bank comes with out of bundle charges.  These include an ATM deposit fee of R1.20 per R100.00, an ATM cash withdrawal fee of R2.20 per R100.00, and a prepaid top up fee of R0.50. InstantMoney on the Student Achiever account costs R9.00 per transaction of up to R500.00.

The Standard Bank student Achiever account has several benefits. These benefits will be discussed further below.

Benefits of the Standard bank Student Achiever Account 

  1. You get 250MB of data or R25.00 airtime for free every month on your Standard bank mobile sim.
  2. Free bank card when you open an account. 
  3. Free Standard bank cash deposits of up to R1,500.00 per month. 
  4. Free Cash withdrawals up to the value of R1,000.00 at Standard bank ATMs. 
  5. Unlimited SMS notifications to help you track transactions. 
  6. Free electronic debit transactions per month that include prepaid purchases, electronic inter-account transfers and cash withdrawals with purchase at retail stores. 
  7. Unlimited usage of the Standard bank digital platforms. 
  8. You get to enjoy preferential interest rates on student loans by just being an account holder. 
  9. Unlimited electronic balance enquiries and mini statements. 
  10. Unlimited swipes at retail stores. 
  11. You get student discounts from Varsity Vibe when you subscribe to Varsity Vibe, for free. 

Students can benefit from the Student Achiever account, such as the Varsity Vibe, South Africa’s first discount app, which account holders can subscribe to for free and receive exclusive deals and discounts from over 15 participating stores. Sorbet, Typo, Cotton On, Superberlist, Takealot, Studio88, TheFix, Kauai, and more are among the Varsity vibe participating merchants.

Standard Bank Student Achiever Fees 2023

Fee DescriptionAmount
Monthly account feeR10.50
Monthly account fee for those over 23 yearsR70.00
Withdrawals at Standard Bank ATMR2.20 per R100.00 or part thereof
Cash withdrawal at Standard Bank branch R80.00 + R2.5 per R100.00 or part thereof
Cash withdrawal at other bank’s ATM R2.20 per R100.00 or part thereof 
Coin withdrawal at Standard Bank branchR80.00 + R10.00 or part thereof
Notes and cash withdrawals at Standard Bank branch R80.00 + R2.50 per R100.00(notes) + R10.00 per R100.00(coins) or part thereof 
Cash deposit at Standard Bank ATMR1.20 per R100.00 or part thereof 
Cash deposit at Standard Bank branchR80.00 + R2.50 per R100.00 or part thereof 
Coin deposit at a Standard Bank branch R80.00 + R10.00 or part thereof
Notes and coin deposit at a branchR80.00 + R2.50 per R100.00(notes) + R10.00 per R100.00(coins) or part thereof
Online debit ordersR3.50
Scheduled Stop orders onlineR1.25
Stop order amend at a branchR25.00
Instant money of up to R500.00 R9.00
Instant money between R501.00 to R1,000.00 R11.50
Wallet instant money R7.00
Instant money above R1,000.00 R13.50
Cash backR1.40
Purchase with cashbackR1.40

Competitive Advantages of the Standard Bank Student Achiever Account 

  • Student discounts are available.
  • The account is reasonably priced at R10.50 per month, which is affordable for students.
  • Provide basic transactions and withdrawals that are appropriate for students as they do not transact frequently.
  • Every month, you’ll receive free airtime or data bundles worth more than the monthly maintenance fee.
  • There is no minimum salary requirement, any student can apply for the account.
  • For young students, the account is the first step toward banking.
  • If you have a student achiever account, you can get low interest rates on student loans.

Competitive Disadvantages of the Standard Bank Student Achiever Account 

  • There are no travel benefits.
  • The account doesn’t come with any rewards. 

How to qualify for the Standard bank Student Achiever Account 

  • You need to have a South African ID book or Smart card. 
  • Be between the ages of 16 to 24 at the time of application and 
  • You must be in pursuit of your studies so you must be in high school or tertiary. 
  • Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 
  • Earn less than R3,000.00 if you are a part-time student. No income is required for those studying full time. 


The Student Achiever Account enables young adults to bank with Standard Bank and provides account holders with a variety of banking tools. The account includes features that benefit students, particularly those in higher education, such as the Varsity vibe App, which assists students in saving money on school supplies. 

When you sign up for this account, you’ll also get unlimited access to digital platforms. The student achiever account is intended to help students get started in banking and ultimately become a responsible young banker.

As a result, switching from a Standard Bank Student Achiever Account to a Professional Banking Account is a good idea because it will allow one to bank even better once you start working or earning a regular income.



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